My Biggest Influence

I think most people have a huge influencer in their lives, someone they look up to, admire, gives them inspiration. Mine is my Mum.

When I was in my teenage years, my Mum and I didn't get on. Chances are we were fighting, bickering, disagreeing, never seeing eye to eye, never understanding each other. I desperately wanted to move out, I had a better relationship with my Dad and I just couldn't seem to improve the way things were when I went back to my Mums after a couple of days at my Dad's. I feel like I tried to get on with my Mum more and I feel like I tried to explain to my Mum that me moving out would make things so much better for us, but it broke her heart that I wanted to leave home at what is considered to be a very early age. I left at 19 and unfortunately had to move back to my Mum's after 4 short months due to a nasty breakup, but another 12 months went by and I saved up again before finding a new place to rent on my own. I haven't lived at home since and I'm now nearly 26.

Things did improve for us which is the gut feeling I had all along. I suspected we may be way too alike but at the same time such independent and stubborn characters and being surrounded by each other's energies 24/7 sometimes isn't good for people. We still see each other on a very regular basis, at least once or twice a week and sometimes more, but in these past few years I've learnt that my Mum is my best friend, not my enemy.

Mum is a graphic designer by trade; she can code, build websites, is very nifty with Adobe programmes and is my go to for any computer or printer related problems. But it doesn't stop there, she is a keen photographer, painter, portrait artist, crafter of anything and everything, new blogger and a recently qualified garden landscaper. She just doesn't stop and what makes her even more incredible is just 3 months ago she had a major, life changing ileostomy operation. Just three months after this operation, she treated herself to a new bike and that same week, rode the 7 miles from her house to mine and came whizzing down my road, pinging the bell and looking very chuffed with herself. Mum has since attached a basket to the front of her bike and upon closer inspection, I could see it has a cute strawberry design on the paint work and is the cutest bike I've ever seen. I wouldn't expect any less from her.

Earlier this year, the tables were turned and I was the one showering my Mum, trying to comfort her when she was so poorly and doing anything I could think of to make her more comfortable. I knew the operation she was going to have would make her better, but I didn't think she'd come back anywhere near as strong as she currently is, especially since her Dr's told her she wouldn't be doing very much at all within the first 6 months of recovery. She is incredible, defying gravity and refusing to back down. She completed her gardening course and can now add the gardening to her list of many skills. And for those of you who may have been thinking about going back to college or uni and think you've missed the chance, my Mum is in her early 50's and she only went and did it.

One of the most inspiring things about my Mum is she has never let anything or anyone stop her. Growing up, not many people appreciated her love for design and weren't keen on her taking it seriously as a career choice. When I was at school, I understood how this felt and it was only my Mum who backed my decision to take my art and design work further and try my damned hardest to make a career out of it. This also doesn't mean my Mum held back when she didn't like something I had created...this was one of the many causes for arguments we used to have! My Dad on the other hand always appreciated my work and praised me, but he also wanted me to have chosen something a bit more academic. I think because of what I saw in my Mum, I too didn't let anyones comments or lack of faith stop me and if anything, used this to spur me on. Sometimes people want you to fail; prove them wrong.

A piece of my Mum's art - 'The Kingfisher'
On top of being a crazy creative lady, Mum is also a machine when it comes to the gym. She's strong, in great shape and you would never have thought she was in her early 50's. She eats well, cooks a lot from scratch and is also very receptive to me whittling on about animal rights and cutting out meat. She's very close to becoming a close. Her passion for design is reflected in what she wears, never a dull outfit to be seen and she's possibly Irregular Choice's biggest fan. She inspires me everyday, her strength baffles me and I hope I end up being just as wonderful as she is. 

If you want to pop over and say hello, her blog is Looby Hancock and I'm sure she'd love to make some blogger friends :)

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  1. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. My best friend too. What more can I say, I am humbled. xxx

  2. Such a touching post! More power to your blog!


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