Pastel Elixir's First Week

It's been a whole week already since I rebranded Llama Talks to Pastel Elixir and it's been such a fun few days changing everything over and reading everyones opinions on the new look and name. Thankfully, I've not yet had anyone say they don't like the name so a huge thankyou to those of you who have fed back your thoughts and also taken advantage of the 25% discount (which is still on by the way!) to treat yourselves and your friends.

During this time, I also took a step back from blogging because I literally didn't know what to write about. In all honesty, I'd got myself into such a routine where I published a post every two days and I had reviews to write, stories, wishlists, favourites, advice style pieces, vegan updates and I really want this space to be a lot more creative and reflect my personality more. Following on from my previous post about an honest chat around the blogging community, this week has been another for a lot of negative behaviour and quite frankly, petty, childish bullying that has made me even more aware of the fact that I will be distancing myself. I have been unfollowing accounts that seem to be all about whining, accounts that have been involved with the drama and sometimes I unfollow because I just don't feel inspired by their content anymore, which by the way is perfectly innocent.

On Monday this week, I had a mishap with bleaching my hair and it was this; when I went to rinse the bleach from my hair, I discovered the entire street's water supply had been cut off. I had no water and a head full of bleach. In the end I had to race over to my Dad's house and ended up getting a burnt head and bleach in my eyes but the good news is, I'm safe, I can see, my scalp is now fine and my hair didn't fall out. After this, I thought I'd blog about it so I wrote up a full story time format post, published it and within 10 minutes took it back down. It wasn't the content I wanted to be making anymore.

Instead, I spent the rest of the week improving my shop's photography, updating the layouts, giving my Etsy shop some much needed love as well and also, Etsy finally accepted my shop's new name. Initally they said a big firm no for some reason, but I wrote in and pleaded with them and they kindly agreed to change my shop name one last time, so there really is no going back now! My Etsy shop will remain open along side our independent online store, but it certainly needed a revamp so that's what it's been getting. Another huge achievement is we hit 800 sales in our Etsy shop which is incredible so another big thankyou to everyone who has ever ordered from us!

The first day that I changed everything from Llama Talks to Pastel Elixir, I felt very peculiar and exceedingly guilty. Being an anxious individual anyway, I started to question whether or not I'd done the right thing by rebranding or whether I'd thought about the new name long and hard enough etc. But within a couple of days, I knew it was the right thing to do and I can't help but feel like it represents my work so much better and everything now feels like it flows naturally. I love it.

So the only thing left to do now is the name change on Facebook, which seems to be taking a bit of time because once again Facebook need to approve the name. Pfft. Other than that, it's been going really well and you may have also seen the woodland animals I've been working on for some super festive Christmas cards which will be released later this year! Very exiting things lie ahead!

Thanks for reading and don't forget your 25% off with code PASTELELIXIR - it's live until the end of the month!

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