Beauty & The Beast Painting

I've been meaning to paint a Disney piece for my Disney obsessed best friend for a couple of years...I know I'm so bad with getting my act together. In a bid to kill two birds with one stone, I thought I'd test out a new material and try to improve my acrylic skills, whilst also making a gift for my friend. She loves Beauty and the Beast (a huge fan way before all the hype came along with the new live action) and I thought I'd paint her a portrait of the famous characters.

The material I used was a roll of canvas; basically canvas that hasn't been stretched onto a frame. It comes on a roll so you can choose how big you want your piece to be and I remember it being quite cheap. Perhaps between £1-£2 for a few metres. I hadn't used it before but with it being so cheap, I gave it a go.

This was really fun to do and I thoroughly enjoyed myself spending 3 days working on it. I had a variety of listening materials ranging from Harry Potter audiobooks to ASMR and it was so relaxing. If you've never done some artwork with ASMR on in the background, you're seriously missing out on some quality therapeutic magic. 

It wasn't until I finished this painting and took a photo to show my Mum that I realised I really should have primed the canvas rather than go straight in with paint. Mum is my go to for artistic criticism and as I've gotten older, we can exchange criticism without offending each other which is something we both used to struggle with! The thing with canvas is sometimes you get annoying little white spaces that show up when the paint is dry where the paint hasn't quite reached the thousands of tiny gaps in the canvas texture and it can look very clumsy. This is something that happened to this piece unfortunately but without looking up close it wasn't very noticeable.

I'd always intended to give this painting to my best friend so I framed it up nicely for her so it was a proper little gifted treat. The framing process was a little tricky as I went out and got a frame, but once I'd got the frame home and cut the painting down to fit, it looked terrible. I ventured off out to The Range again the next day to get another frame and this new one looked perfect, but it only just fit the painting. It was my fault for cutting the painting down before thinking properly about the choice of frame, but the learning involved with this painting has been so valuable and although it isn't a piece that demonstrates my best work, I have discovered so much in the process:

- prime canvas before painting on it
- don't cut the work down until you've got the right frame
- take artwork with you when picking a frame
- continue to practice with acrylic paints
- keep up with the character drawing skills!

Beauty and the Beast

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