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I think it's safe to say, Twitter in particular hasn't been the nicest of environments recently, which is a shame because it's the place where I have made new friends, some of which I talk to on a daily basis and at the right time, it's such a positive and supportive place to go for any topics. If there hasn't been a witch hunt going on, people are getting far too heated with their opinions, forming groups and sides, bullying, saying things they don't mean in the moment...

Enough. I wanted to spread some kind words and introduce you to some of my favourite creatives who I have seen working super hard recently and deserve some loving.

I discovered Catherine on Instagram and have since found her wherever I can, because her work sends me to such a happy, smiley place that I just cannot stop scouting out her latest work. I'm jumping up and down waiting for her Etsy store to reopen so I can grab some prezzies for Christmas and cannot wait! Katnipp Illustrations has everything from mugs to stationery, prints, pins, personalised portraits...I'm in love! Especially with this adorable unicorn mug, pastel colours are my life!

Mark is the first friend I made in the creative blog world and has helped me out so many times when my brain hasn't been able to work something out, usually camera and technology troubles! His work is super clean looking and I love his style, especially the pink lion illustration! Anything cute and cuddly looking instantly wins me over every time.

3. A Tiny Mew
Tore is definitely your lady to go to for tattoo style illustrations and I'm always in awe at how smooth her work looks. Digital art is something I have never tried so I feel really intrigued by how it's done and how flawless Tore's work is...I definitely need to grab myself a piece of her work one of these days. This Moon Stick piece looks so glittery and magical, I almost feel lost in another universe when I've spent a couple of minutes gazing at it.

4. My Fair Pixel
Kelly is the owner of My Fair Pixel which I've always thought it such a cute name and her shop is the ultimate place for witchy style pieces, potions, crystals, even pet portraits! She has a very definite oldy worldy vibe going on, especially with her insect and skull illustrations but also produces pieces that are bursting with colour, like this hilariously quoted crystal ball!

5. Sweet Allure
Disney lovers, get your botties over to Tarnya's shop because you're bound to find your favourite character in watercolour form, oozing with fun, colour and at super reasonable prices. Recently I've seen Tarnya pumping out a massive variety of characters but don't worry if yours isn't there - Tarnya is open to commissions! How handsome does Jack look? I have a feeling he'll be appearing more as Halloween approaches...

6. Lace & Whimsy
Kathy's work inspires me so much and if you're a fan of anything magical, woodland, pastel and pretty, you're going to love her too! Kathy is based in the U.S. but her prices along with shipping is brilliant; some shops overseas I have seen have completely put me off buying when they want £10 for shipping a print across the Atlantic, but Kathy's shop is incredible value for money and you don't pay silly prices to get a piece of her work over here. Her sticker sheets are my favourite, especially this fair ground themed collection - carousel horses are one of my favourites things in the world!

With things like Christmas coming up, supporting small independent artists is a lot more special at this time of year and I've been making a list of Etsy shop's that I'll definitely be buying some prezzies from. Maybe you could frame a piece of work for someone special, or make a stationery bundle, a relaxation box? Get creative too, could you make something awesome for your loved ones? I literally try and encourage everyone I know to buy from small businesses because it really does mean the world to the owners. With things like handmade chocolates, soaps, candles, melts, accessories, clothes, homewares, artwork and so much more, you're 100% guaranteed to find something unique to give as a gift this Christmas.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a beautiful selection of creatives! I follow a couple of these but I'm off to follow the others, I love supporting amazing, talented creators like these! Katnipp Illustrations are beautiful!
    Hels xx


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