Prima Makeup - First Impressions

It's certainly been a while since I last spoke about makeup here on my blog and for a bit it wasn't something that ever sparked my interest. I felt bored and wasn't seeing anything new and exciting. I've had a clear out, thrown away makeup that was old and manky, re-homed barely used stuff and gifted it to people who will actually make use of it. I only own one foundation, 2 blushers, 1 liquid liner, 1 pencil liner, 1 mascara, a handful of lipsticks and a few eye shadow palettes that I couldn't part with. And my trusty brow kit, can't be doing without that. But you get the point, I've downsized and have been keeping things really simple. 

Yet I was walking around the Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham last week and came across a brand I'd never heard of before but I was instantly drawn're about to see why. Prima Makeup specialise in glitters and I felt so refreshed and excited to see what this brand had to offer and spent a little while chatting away to the rep who was at the stand. The other brilliant thing aside from them being stunning and above aesthetically pleasing, is they're both cruelty free and vegan friendly. As you can imagine, this drew me even further in and I felt myself falling in love with this brand, along with feeling really enthusiastic about finally finding some makeup that excited me to this extent.

unicorn makeup

glitter makeup

I had a dabble into the glitters and was immediately impressed; by the pigment, the adhesive being strong holding without feeling tacky and disgusting, the range of colours and just how much they sparkle and shine. I've tried a few glitters in the past and some brands can rip you right off, simple spraying the top layer of a pan with glitter so once that first layer is used up, you're just left with a sticky substance that resembles vaseline. I was able to have a good old dig around into the pan, really giving it some with the tip of my finger and could see the glitter was throughout the entire pan and you got a very generous, striking colour when applied to the skin.

You guys also know I'm a huge fan of a pretty packaging, but the palette for these glitters is unlike anything I've ever seen. It's magnetic, so you can mix up the pans, they're easy to replace should you run out of your favourite colours and everything is so clean cut and beautiful. The palette felt sturdy, with a lovely glitter finish too but believe it or not despite the hefty amount of glitter overall, it felt felt glam, fun and unique with no tackiness in sight. Another great thing about the magnetic palette is should you need to clean it, you simply take out the pans and give it a little wipe. The pans stay in place too once they're attached so there is no need to worry about them sliding around and potentially smashing - trust me, I gave the palette a good firm shake when all of my pans were in place and not one budged.

The glitters stay in place all day and they're super easy to clean off along with the rest of your makeup once you've had enough. I started to mess about with the colours after filming a video and decided to keep it on for the rest of the day. Glitter certainly perks you up and makes you feel like the ultimate fairy! The range of colours is impressive too, it's great to see some bold, rich shades whilst also providing more subtle options and pastel colours. My favourite is definitely Mermaid Tail; a holographic, white glitter that shimmers all different colours in the light. So pretty! I'm so in love with this palette and can't wait to get really creative with it!

The price I feel is very reasonable at £29.99 as you get 12 colours and they will definitely be lasting a while. The palette is super light weight and slimline too so perfect for travelling to those glitter-must festivals! I couldn't recommend it enough and now I'm dying to try out their other products! Finally - a brand who understands my obsession with glitter!

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