Prima Makeup - Unicorn Poop Glitter

Since discovering Prima Makeup a couple of weeks back at the Autumn Fair and getting my hands on one of their palettes, I've had glitter on the brain non stop. I've even been wearing it around the house and it's amazing what a bit of glitter can do for your mood! I've been trawling their website for something else to try and for obvious reasons, I was enticed by their range of Unicorn Poop glitters and picked up the shade 'Serenity' to try. These are loose glitters and they require an adhesive for them to stick to your skin (which I foolishly forgot to add to my basket!) but luckily I also grabbed myself a pot of one of the gel glitters from The Bake Shop range. More on those in just a sec!

unicorn makeup

The Unicorn Poop glitter comes in a little plastic pot that weighs in at 20g; doesn't sound like a lot but having used this a few times already, I can tell this little container is going to take a very long time to use up. They cost £5.99 which I think is extremely reasonable for the amount and quality of the glitter and I also have a cheeky discount code at the end of this post for you! The 'Serenity' shade is perfect for all you fellow holographic lovers out there but there are some gorgeous other shades available too, perfect for creating the ultimate mermaid, unicorn, fairy or festival makeup looks. The fun you can have with them seems endless as they're also safe to use on your eyelids and lips, plus did I mention the brand are vegan and cruelty free?

glitter makeup

The Bake Shop range is slightly different as these are more of a gel formula so they stick without needing anything underneath. I experimented with these ones and they hold the loose glitter on my skin really well however I wish I could compare it to the proper glitter adhesive the brand have available. It'll be going into my next order though! The Bake Shop range currently has four different shades; a yellow, green, pink and a purple and the most amazing thing about them is they're scented! The purple one is sticky toffee pudding flavoured and it smells divine! As if that wasn't cute enough, the gels come presented in a little macaron shaped pot in the matching shade.

festival makeup

I've been wearing my glitters on top of my highlighter with every opportunity I get and sometimes, it's just to do the housework! I'll also definitely be taking mine with me to Disneyland next week because they create the perfect look for that environment, how can I not?! 

unicorn makeup

The other exciting news is I'm also now an ambassador for Prima Makeup which means I have a special link for my readers to get 15% off their order. This isn't a paid for post nor do I get paid if you click the link. Basically what happens is you can collect sparkle points towards vouchers for your glitters when you order and by ordering through my link, you get sparkles and I get some sparkles too, which I think is such a fun way of doing things!

Let me know what you think to these glitters and whether you have tried them before. I'm so in love...can you tell?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the Prima products!!! I'm living the broke life (hopefully not for too much longer!!) and I can't afford them... I WANT THEM ALL SO BAAAD!!! <3
    I love how the pic of the unicorn poop glitter lines up next to your Pastel Elixir logo! It looks like the real life Pastel Elixir xD It's so you!

    1. I never noticed that until you said, you're absolutely right it looks so magical doesn't it! :D x x


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