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My blogging routine has been a bit of a shambles over the past couple of weeks but it doesn't matter too much, especially since I've been mass producing new Christmas products and making the most of the next 2 weeks before I take a week off (before the real madness begins!). There are a lot of mixed views surrounding Christmas products being out so early - not sure about other countries but here in the UK, Christmas starts to emerge as early as the end of August/beginning of September. I myself much prefer the vibes that come from Halloween over Christmas, the beautiful colours, the smell of the change in seasons, pumpkins, coffees, snuggly everything, turning the heating on...I adore the Autumn.

squirrel drawing

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have already seen the sneaky previews of some of my new Christmas cards and the good news is, they're now stocked up and available to buy in my shop! Some people think this is absolutely bonkers and believe me, half of me is feeling the same! But these have been going out already and I also have a Christmas Fayre at one of my local tea rooms mid November which I need to prepare for and I'm always early for things like this so I don't end up stressing nearer the time.

Reindeer drawing

handmade cards

I think part of this also comes down to the fact that this is my first year of having complete free reign, I'm able to manage my time down to a T, since illustrating is now my full time job I can focus pretty much all of my time and energies into my shop, I love it. The past couple of years I've felt a little restricted as to what I can and can't manage so this year I'm taking full advantage of my time and making a real go of it. 

My cards are all printed and hand made here at my home in England and there are a few designs to choose from already. No doubt I'll be releasing some more over the next few weeks but I wanted to create in particular a sweet woodland animal range so if you have any ideas for more animals I could use, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments! There is already a fox, deer and a hedgehog :)

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  1. I definitely think it's reasonable to have Christmas stuff up in your shop now, and if people are buying it then it's clearly working! I love the look of the fox card, and I've bookmarked your shop so I can come back to it closer to Christmas

    Steph -


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