September Favourites

I seem to remember missing my August monthly favourites completely and I think this was down to the fact I've taken a much more laid back approach to blogging recently and wasn't pressuring myself too much. September has been an awesome month for trying new things so I feel like I'm back in the game and ready to share with you the thing's that have made me go 'oooh' over the past 4 weeks.

Llama Pjams - Primark
My Pusheen pjams got ruined last month thanks to Aunt Flo (no secrets here) and I wanted to venture off to Primark to replace them as they're some of my most favourite pjam bottoms I've ever had. They didn't have any left which upset me greatly but then I spotted this set which I couldn't resist. This set cost me £10 as opposed to £8 for branded bottoms and anywhere between £5-£8 for a branded top so I think this was a much better deal than buying more from the branded section. The tassels are so cute I just hope they stay on when they go into the wash!


Vegan Liquid Chocolate - Sweet Freedom
A new Aldi has recently opened in my town and on the way back from going out with my Mum, we realised it was in fact their opening day so we went in on the way home. Mum spotted this liquid chocolate from Sweet Freedom and it cost around £2.50 which is much cheaper than some places online that stock it. You can make hot chocolate with it, decorate your puddings with it and I was also adding it to my protein shakes for some extra chocolatey flavour. It's really delicious and comes in a convenient squeezy bottle.

vegan chocolate

Party Rings - Foxes Biscuits
From what I've discovered, Party Rings are one of those 'accidentally vegan' products and I jumped for joy when I found out, especially since I've recently become a fan of Home Bargains where the famous biscuits are 39p a pack! YES. I've been eating them by the bucket load because of this and also have some in my suitcase to take to Paris with me next week. Not even sorry.

Halloween Candle - Home Bargains
As stated in the above, I went into Home Bargains for the first time in about 10 years after hearing people rave about their festive candles when they came out last year. At £2.99, they're well worth a try and I went to go and see what I could get my hands on. I picked up the Halloween candle which smells like an absolute mash up of Swizzels sweets; I can definitely detect the familiar smell of Drumstick Lollies. A week later I went back and luckily they were just putting out the Christmas candles so I grabbed the Gingerbread scented one of those and I'm still amazed at the strength of the scent for such a cheap candle. They're huge too, literally the same size as a Yankee so it's a no brainer really, £2.99 over £20+ for a large candle? I'll grab myself some more I think to stock up on!

halloween candle

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask - The Body Shop
The Body Shop were kind enough to send me a jar of their relatively new Japanese Matcha Tea face mask during September too and after trying their charcoal mask, I knew I was in for another treat. These masks are that bit more special than standard packet masks; they feel really posh being presented in a glass jar, they last ages and honestly I've never had products treat my skin as well as this range does from The Body Shop. I'm dying to try the rest of them!

the body shop mask

Roald Dahl
When I was younger, I would spend hours engrossed in a Roald Dahl book and although I mainly borrowed my books from the library (I loved doing this!) I didn't have my own copies until I was older. I do however still have my old copy of Charlie & the Chocolate factory which must be nearly 20 years old and I remember sitting with this same book on a beach in Kefalonia when I was about 7 or 8. It's in a pretty poor condition but picking the story up after what must be the 100th time and getting lost in the Dahl world once again has been so magical. I also read The Witches and The Twits during September, another two brilliant classics from the Dahl collection.

roald dahl

I feel like there was plenty of variety throughout September so it was definitely a great month to get back into the 'Monthly Favourites' with. I really enjoyed writing this post and reflecting back on all of the great things I found.

Thanks for reading!

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