When Things Are Quiet

This past month has been super quiet in Pastel Elixir land but I've been trying to keep myself busy which inspired this post. I think I have mentioned before that it can be really easy in the self employment world to get yourself into a bit of a rut some weeks when not much is happening. It can feel like things just aren't working out and the fear of having no money is constantly looming. People have also before asked me if it bothers me so much, why don't I just get another job. Because I'm determined to grow my business. September has been slow and dull for a lot of creators and this could be down to a lot of things, like people returning to school, uni and work after the summer holidays, saving pennies for Christmas or just cutting back after a holiday.

Pusheen mug

Luckily I've developed a sort of routine for myself where I spread my time out across my week so it is benefiting either my shop, blog or YT channel and recently I've been pumping videos out like no tomorrow to keep myself occupied. I've also been painting a lot of Disney pieces; a couple for the house, one to gift to my friend and the others were experiments so I could use some new materials. Then of course there is paperwork and there is always a little something I could be doing whether that's improving my shop photography, adding new listings or thinking about some new designs.

winsor and newton

If I didn't have my blog, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't be able to pick myself up from the down moments that come with quiet weeks and months and I couldn't recommend starting one enough, especially if you're considering going self employed or starting out with your creative career and sharing your work online. Not only is it a great outlet to share your finished pieces and where to buy it should you want to sell, but you can document new processes, materials hauls, what you've been loving or not loving, review some arty products or even share a bit of everything about your life which is something I really enjoy doing. Sometimes I have more to talk about in the dog section of my blog and it's totally okay to not stick to one topic. There are definitely a few opinions floating around on blogs needing to have a certain niche or stick to one topic but you know what, it's your space and your blog to write about whatever you want. If people like what you do, they'll keep coming back.

If you have a blog, what is it that you love the most about it? If not, have you ever considered starting one?

Thanks for reading!

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