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As this post goes live, I'll be whizzing through the channel tunnel to Paris for a week with James but I couldn't resist doing a bit of a write up on why I'd simply love to visit Florence one day. I think I'm feeling giddy because we'll hopefully be going to visit The Louvre whilst in Paris this week and viewing famous artwork and going to museums and galleries is one of our favourite things to do. Like Paris, Florence is one of those places which holds some truly incredible artefacts and artwork by some very famous people. It's also the final resting place for many of these well known artists and I would love to visit their tombs.

A city view of Florence - Image from Pixabay

I got the opportunity to visit Florence when I was in Sixth Form but I chose not to go. I hated asking my parents for money and very rarely did so, so the thought of asking for them to pay for a school trip made me feel uneasy and awkward. Looking back they'd have done it and it wasn't like we couldn't afford it, but when it came to school things my parents used to get in a huff with each other over who had paid for something last or who had put the most money into something for us. That's divorced parents for you! But you get the idea, I was too afraid to ask them and I didn't want it to cause more arguments.

Italy has always been one of those dream destinations for me and as a country it seems to have so many wonderful and historic places to visit. We did Rome a couple of years back and loved everything we saw, however we'd definitely revisit Italy many more times to explore the other parts of the country. The main attraction for us is the amount of art and architecture, Florence really is a gem if you love galleries, museums and beautiful buildings.

Michelangelo's 'David' - Image from Pixbay

The only downside to these marvellous cities is they're very expensive places so I'm not sure if Florence will be similar to Rome in the sense it may cost you €15 for one slice of pizza. One thing we did learn from Rome though was to go off the beaten path just a little bit and you find hidden little family run restaurants whose food is to die for. We returned night after night to a little restaurant around the corner from our hotel in Rome and not only was it cheaper, but we got to know the family a bit and we knew we were going to get amazing food and service each time. We also visited a pizzeria opposite the Vatican museum on our first day for a slice of 'authentic Italian pizza' and I can honestly say it was one of the worst pizza's I've ever tried. But the family run place was incredible which is why we kept going back!

There is something so magical about seeing famous artworks in person and I'm beyond excited to be visiting The Louvre this week to finally seek out the Mona Lisa amongst hundreds of other masterpieces. It kind of makes me a bit emotional and overwhelmed but it's amazing that we are able to visit these pieces and that they're looked after and cared for in such a way that allows millions of viewers each year.

Where is your next dream destination?

Thanks for reading!

*Photos used are from Pixabay - Royalty Free Images

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