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It's no secret that I LOVE small businesses and supporting them where I can. The gorgeous Laura from Elsie and Nell very kindly sent me a couple of goodies to feature on Instagram and I was that impressed by her work that I wanted to write a blog post to go alongside the photos I took to show off her brand even more, especially with the festive season fast approaching!

Upon entering the Elsie and Nell website, I didn't know where to look first; there are so many different categories to browse ranging from home wares to makeup accessories, stationery, gifts and a style to suit anybody. Laura sent me one of her adorable magic quote prints which I believe is A5 size, perhaps a fraction smaller but the quality is amazing with thick, pure white card and crisp jet black letting. Plus how fun and perfect is the Harry Potter themed makeup bag? This is such a decent size, especially for those of you who prefer to carry around a little bit more makeup or may be wanting a travel case for cosmetics. It's fairly big and I'll be using mine as a sketchbook and pen case for when I travel around. Again the quality is brilliant and the lettering is super sparkly, firmly in place and the glitter doesn't come off when touched (which can be a little annoying, can it not?).

harry potter gift

art prints

Included in my parcel was a little note from Laura on the back of one of her postcards and there is a whole section of them you can purchase from her shop for just £1 each. They'd make awesome little gifts if framed and so inexpensive too! What I also adored about the packaging from Elsie and Nell were the stickers, one decorating the outer packaging and one sealing shut the candy striped paper bag containing my treats. It was all so exciting and fun to open which is exactly why I prefer shopping with a small business. It just feels so much more thought out and personal.

Elsie and Nell will absolutely be joining my growing list of awesome small businesses and I'll be returning to the shop to buy my friends some cute little gifts for Christmas. With all of the different quotes available, it'd be difficult to not find one to suit the person you have in mind.

Thanks for reading!

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