For The Love Of Makeup

I used to love makeup. I didn't have the biggest collection in the world, but it was something I got really into and I had countless lipsticks, I would buy a new nail varnish every time I went past Superdrug and used to save my pennies for those extra special treats, usually a new Urban Decay palette. I was a lot more adventurous and tried new brands where ever I could, but brands like Urban Decay have stuck with me since I was about 14 which is when I got my very first palette for Christmas one year.

Looking back, my makeup collection started to really grow when I became single after a three year *shit* relationship, which once ended I seemed to grow and develop so much as a person. I started to experiment more and spent all of my spare time creating character makeup looks. Over time I got pretty good and used to get fully booked up on Halloween nights to do other people's makeup for them. It wasn't paid work, just a bit of fun for family and friends but to me it was an option at one point to take it seriously and become a special effects makeup artist.

Amongst the lipsticks and shadows, I started to collect things like liquid latex, spirit gum and scar wax to take my creations further. Then I invested in a proper professional looking makeup case which was full to the brim with supplies and I was being recommended by friends to do parties for kids, fancy dress events and then I got asked to actually work at my local theme park to do the actors makeup for the Fright Nights. I went for an interview there and did a face to show what I could do to back up my portfolio, passed with flying colours but declined the temp job because the theme park was somewhere I used to work as a teenager and it was an absolute dump, not to mention the management were arse holes and I just didn't trust them to pay me fairly for my time or materials, so I walked away.

I noticed my love for makeup slowly fading when I started my full time job at the pet centre which I left earlier this year and to be honest, I didn't have the time for it anymore. I even re-homed my makeup box to a friend I've kept in contact with since Sixth Form who has gone on to be a theatrical makeup artist herself, gifting her a lot of unused or lightly used makeup products to experiment with because I couldn't bare them going to waste anymore. A couple of months back I cut my collection down even further by having a brutal clear out of everything I'd had for years and really needed chucking, stuff I was just 'hanging onto, brushes that were cheap and nasty but did the job once upon a time, broken blushers, dried up eye lash glues...I filled a bag with stuff to go in the bin.

cute clown makeup

Then earlier this week, I gave into the urge I've been having for quite some time around starting up character makeup once again. I sat down to assess what materials I had and it was literally zilch. I created this clown look with what I had, but struggled for things like brushes (especially eye shadow brushes) and started wondering what happened to everything I owned. I felt quite sad that something I was once so excited about seemed to have faded away and mostly it was down to not having the time or energy. Products ended up going out of date or just drying up, brushes got old and tatty and 80% of my collection was disposed of.

Usually I'm not fussed when I see a makeup look, even a really glam one but character makeup really turns my head and maybe it's because to me they can look more like a piece of art on a face (all makeup is really!) but the fun I used to have trying to recreate my favourite characters was so exciting and I'd really like to get back into it and improve my now rusty skills.

Have you ever tried character makeup?

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look AMAZING! I love how "YOU" this look is as well!
    I've never tried character looks, I wouldn't know where to start! I'm not particularly adventurous with make up but you've shown how unique you can make a character look!
    Hels xx

  2. I like experimenting with artistic makeup, it's spontaneous, fun and unruly!
    Loving this look on you, I should give characters a try :)


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