Inktober So Far

The optimist / fool that I am thought I could seriously commit to the Inktober challenge this year and if there's one thing I have learnt about myself whilst trying, it's that if I don't have a decent allocated amount of time to sit and draw, nothing happens and I end up super frustrated. The first week of October I was away in Paris and despite taking a sketchbook and a selection of pens with me I just didn't find the time or the energy to do an Inktober entry. I also still struggle with my hand injury and whether I like it or not, I just cannot manage to draw every single day. I thought about doing some tiny doodles but again I leant that I really do like to take my time and put a lot of effort into my work, I'm not a half measures kind of person at all. But anyway, I wanted to share some of this years pieces and tell you a little bit about them all.

cupcake painting

For a while, I've wanted to improve on how I paint and draw cupcake frosting. It may sound silly, but I've always wanted to be able to create really realistic looking frosting and pull off those swirly curves and shadows. I did this watercolour piece in a bid to practice and it was also inspired by Cloud Cakes, the vegan cafe we kept visiting whilst in Paris. This piece is also currently for sale in my shop!

potion harry potter

This potion bottle wasn't really part of Inktober as I did it at the end of September but it was what I like to think of as a warm up piece. I've always been fascinated with the misty foggy patterns that surround witchy tattoos and I guess that's what inspired this piece. My Mum also gave me her posh watercolour paint set and this piece was the first using the new paints and I could see an unbelievable difference in the quality whilst using them. I especially love the pink tones!

disney artwork

On one of the days I really wasn't feeling thinking for myself so I chose to paint Lucifer, the Disney character I've been obsessed with ever since buying the soft toy in Disneyland a couple of weeks back. I've decided to give the Lucider painting away this month so if you're interested, head over to my Twitter for the pinned tweet at the top of my profile for a chance to win him!

Are you doing Inktober this year and have you learnt anything about yourself in doing so? If not, would you ever consider a drawing challenge like this?

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