My Top 5 Halloween Films

I am really getting into the festive spirit right now and have been planning when to watch some of my favourite Halloween films this October. I thought it'd be fun to share my ultimate favourites for the spooky season and take the opportunity to rave about my favourite film director at the same time. Whilst I'm not a fan of horror movies, I adore fun films more aimed at kids I guess but here they are, kicking it off with the super popular...

1. Hocus Pocus
hocus pocus

I would go as far to say Hocus Pocus is probably my all time favourite movie and I remember the very first time I watched it on Halloween night when I was a child with my Mum. I still remember it so vividly that I remember all of the adverts that came on throughout the film, where they came on and what they were. Even now when I watch my DVD version, I expect the advert to come on so I guess that kind of explains how much I think of this film to remember details like that nearly 20 years later. It's not the best made film in the world and some even say the storyline is shocking, but to me it's perfect and I adore getting lost in it time and time again. Throughout my twenties it's become a bit of a tradition that I watch this on Halloween with a big bowl of sweets, blankets and hot drinks because I'm much more of a stay in kind of person than go out, plus I don't actually remember the last time I went 'out out'. I'm so excited for this year and I hope I get a couple of little trick or treaters pop round because my skull bucket is filled and I've never had trick or treaters before! Sarah Sanderson was always my favourite out of the three sisters and I adored Binx the cat as a child, but as I've grown up I've really leant to appreciate Bette Midler's performance and her hilarious lines that I didn't see the funny side of as a kid.

2. Corpse Bride
corpse bride

Commencing my love for Tim Burton with one of my all time favourites from my collection, Corpse Bride. I first watched this when I was around 15 and it instantly became another favourite. There is something so magical about the way Tim Burton creates and directs his movies and I hold him 100% responsible for part of me wanting to enter the industry and create movie sets. It was always a 'career choice' I would have loved to have gotten into but in all honesty didn't research enough. I'm also the person who will watch every single minute of the behind the scenes footage that is very often added into the special features section of Tim Burton DVD's and it fascinates me watching all of the characters and tiny sets being bought to life to create a full blown film. The main character Emily is so loveable and stunning even in death, it's a story that will both warm and break your heart.

3. Beetlejuice

I was late to the Beetlejuice party; I feel as though I've only owned my copy for around 8 years but one of my favourite things about this movie is the music and how in love you fall with Lydia's character. She's so sweet and has some brilliant lines, I can't imagine anyone but Winona Ryder playing her character, she just fit the role perfectly. I personally feel the entire story is a pretty good one and Beetlejuice himself is both funny and disgustingly creepy. This movie has also been inspiring to me when it comes to character makeup and the style is definitely reflected from his illustrations and animation work.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
nightmare before christmas

A classic, lets be honest! If you don't watch this on Halloween, is it even Halloween?! My favourite characters are the posh vampires with their spooky umbrella's but I also have a Zero cuddly toy along with a miniature Jack Skellington on my desk. The music to this film is fantastic and it really gets you into a spooky mood. Halloween Town is somewhere I would LOVE to visit somehow one day, if only you could shrink down to the set size and wonder the scary streets and pumpkin patches. Whilst also being able to travel between the Town's via the decorated doors of the trees in the woods...wouldn't that be something!

5. Frankenweenie

One of Tim Burton's more recent films, this one is perfect for any dog lover but again it's another great Halloween pick, demonstrating even more of the wonderful and unmistakeable animation style. I love that this movie has a really old feel to it with it's black and white theme, a brilliant tribute to the traditional Frankenstein story. The relationship Victor has with his dog Sparky melts my heart and I think it would bring any pet lover to tears (in a good way of course!) and there are also some killer characters from this movie, Edgar 'E' Gore for example. What a guy.

I realise I'm a little bit Tim Burton obsessed but they're my favourite kinds of movies to watch, possibly because of his unique style and extremely arty feel each movie has. Every film ever made is a work of art but something about Tim Burton's work captures me and I've been a huge fan for many years now. Whilst I'll happily watch his work at any time of year, Halloween is the perfect season for it and I just love snuggling down feeling all cosy and spooky to enjoy them once again. What are your favourite spooky films?

Thanks for reading!

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