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The festive season is pretty much here isn't it? All of a sudden it just kind of springs upon us and the countdown begins. Some folk start their shopping in June, some even earlier but I feel as though  late October is when things start to get a bit wild in the retail world. October has been my slowest month since leaving my job but looking back over my shops stats, it did the very same this time last year. Perhaps there's a pattern and people save hard throughout October ready to start the Christmas spree. Whatever is going on, my shop has been so quiet and at times it has been a little depressing.

But I try to keep the spirits up and luckily I have three creatives areas I can be working on so I'm not solely focussed on the shop the entire time. I can switch between my blog, channel and the shop which I find really helpful and motivating even at the worst of times because when I'm not feeling one of them, there's always something else I could be doing. I've been using a lot of my spare October time to be getting on with Vlogtober; my first attempt at daily vlogging for a solid month and whilst I technically only started half way through, I was on holiday for the first week and have only missed about a weeks worth of videos so I'm pretty damn chuffed!

When I returned from Paris, I got straight back into working on Pastel Elixir and I've been busy pumping stuff out for a couple of Christmas fairs I'm booked into (you can read how I've been preparing for them here) but I honestly don't know what to expect for those. I've been creating a few new things like cute foxy Christmas tags and what really has excited me this month is bringing back some of the old favourites from my handmade greeting card range. Believe it or not, my little shop sold primarily greeting cards when I first opened up nearly three years ago and then we gradually introduced the badges, magnets, notebooks etc. I love how much it's grown over the years and I can't wait to have even more products available, hopefully soon!

As a big lover of Halloween, I made up some trick or treat bags for orders over £10 on my shop which I really enjoyed doing and I feel like doing something similar during November/early December because I just love thanking my customers that little bit more with a surprise treat. What's really important to my shop is making people feel as though they're opening a present when they unwrap their parcels and the trick or treat bags are still being given out until the end of October!

goodie bags

cruelty free

Apart from being super busy replenishing stock and building bits up for the fairs, I totally revamped all of my shop's photography which was well overdue and since I invested in some proper lights a couple of months back, I thought I'd put them to the test and the photos came out really well. My shop looks a lot brighter and fun these days and working on photography is something I really enjoy too!

How has October been for you?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Oh all your new pieces are so gorgeous, pastel and kawaii! :D I love the fox labels as well as the ghost card. ^_^

  2. I love your work sweetie! You are smashing it <3


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