October Favourites

Blimey...that time again?! I feel as though so much as happened throughout October I hardly knew where to begin with rounding up my favourite moments and items but let's get stuck in!

Panda Liquorice
I spotted this stuff in Asda accidentally and decided to treat myself to a packet because I hadn't had liquorice for a while and it's probably my favourite sweet of all time. Any liquorice lover will know that sometimes you get some that tastes amazing and others it can taste really fake, plastic-y and not very 'authentic'. These liquorice sticks by Panda however taste fantastic and are in fact vegan too which is amazing. I bought a pack of four sticks from Asda and went back the following week for more, so delicious!

Soya Pumpkin Spice Latte - Pret
The vegan lifestyle started in June for us and I'm not even sorry that my first thought was 'I hope Starbucks can make their PSL with soya milk'. Turns out, even if they did they couldn't make it vegan because there is apparently something in the syrup that makes it not suitable. I begged and pleaded along with the rest of the vegan community that they change this somehow and I didn't get so much as a reply via Twitter stating something along the lines of 'we're currently developing the recipe - hang in there!'. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find anything from Starbucks to suggest they were trying to work something out. Then by accident I guess, I spotted Pret promoting their new PSL and read the comments from some other vegans asking whether they could be made using soya milk. Pret replied yes and I could have cried with happiness. Usually I don't buy coffee when out and about but this time of year I will grab a PSL whenever I see a cafe...it's that kind of obsession. So the following week I went into Nottingham with my Mum and popped into a Pret to grab myself one of their new autumnal coffees. To my astonishment, they gifted me my first PSL saying it was 'on the house as you seem really excited and haven't tried one before'. I was over the moon with the ladies in the Nottingham branch and left with a huge smile and a frothy moustache from the glorious tasting, familiar smelling delight that is a PSL. You wouldn't know it was soya milk and they taste just as good (possibly better) than the Starbucks ones I've had over the years. Pret have gained a very loyal new customer out of me and I'm trying to grab as many of their drinks as possible because this season leaves us!

Pret Coffee

Taking Photos
I'm always taking photos of my dogs that's for sure, but James and I hardly ever stop to take a photo together and it wasn't until Paris that we had our first photo literally since our wedding day last year. They're so nice to look back on and I've ordered my latest batch of prints so I can add our holiday photos to the ongoing photo album I'm building. I have another album on the go just for general life photos which I haven't even started putting together yet so maybe a DIY project is needed to actually get the ball rolling. I'd love nothing more than to show my kids photos of us when we were younger and capture all of those special moments.

Free Prints

Vegan Courgette & Pepper Wrap - More Coffee Co.
There is a coffee shop quite close to us that James is a regular at and he took me in one day for one of their oat milk coffees, yes even smaller coffee houses are considering the vegan and lactose intolerant folk! On my second visit, James suggested I tried one of the vegan wraps that the owner had come up with, yes even smaller cafes are considering extra options and it was a beautiful butternut squash filled number. Over the next few weeks, a new lunch appeared on the menu and it was a courgette and pepper wrap. I hesitated because I despise peppers, but James encouraged me to try it and I haven't looked back since. They roast the veg beforehand so it's super soft but full of flavour; your wrap also comes out nice and hot with a beautiful pesto sauce added inside which tastes incredible mixed with the veg. The plate comes with some posh crisps on the side too and it quickly became my new favourite lunch. I try to visit as much as I can but would happily go everyday for one of those wraps. They're so filling, super healthy and it's lovely to see more and more places have a vegan option available on the menu!

Vegan wrap

Charcoal Toothpaste - Superdrug
Have you ever tried searching for a toothpaste brand that is cruelty free? It's a little bit difficult let me tell you so I decided to stick with Superdrug's own brand as they make buying cruelty free and also vegan friendly products so easy! My friend Vikky pointed this one out to me whilst we were searching for a new toothpaste (as you do) and I was majorly drawn in by the fact it's also got charcoal in, which in my experience is fantastic at removing those pesky stains. It tastes amazing as it's nice and minty, leaving you feeling fresh and clean without the guilt of buying from a brand who test on animals. Go Superdrug - seriously impressed with those guys right now!

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes
If there's one thing that's frightened me a bit since going vegan four months ago, it's baking cakes which is something I've loved doing as a hobby since I was a child. I've been wanting to try and improve my piping skills for some time and was too afraid to bake using new and scary sounding ingredients like aquafaba to replace eggs in cakes and hated the idea of spending a good couple of hours in the kitchen just to end up with a pile of mush not worth eating. But fear not, I found a recipe in my trusty October issue of the Vegan Food & Living Magazine that I'm dying to use again because I shit you not, these cupcakes were the best I've ever made and the piping was also the most successful too. I'll be sharing the recipe in an upcoming blog post very soon!

vegan chocolate cupcakes

Feeling Excited
October is when autumn really comes to life in the UK and personally I feel there is nothing nicer than wrapping up all snuggly, possibly with a fluffy new scarf, enjoying the crunch of the leaves as you walk, cold, darker nights and the smell in the air. Lights start to twinkle and the festive season is fast approaching. I feel at my most content and happiest around this time of year; the little things make me smile so much more. Things like hot drinks in my favourite mug and lighting some candles does my mind the world of good. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year and this year feels so much more magical than the last, perhaps because we're now in our lovely new and warm house as opposed to a cold, cramped (and haunted) flat. This place was worth the wait.

What have you enjoyed about October?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooo loving the favourites this month! I had a look at the charcoal toothpaste myself recently, if you find it does a great job then PLEASE review it! :D

    I'd love to read a review before I pick it up. ^_^


    1. I'll have to do a full blown review of the toothpaste cause it so deserves to be raved about! x x

  2. Woo lots of vegan goodies in this post! I do love superdrugs ranges, they are so good!


    1. Gotta love a bit of vegan cake! I'm in love with Superdrug right now, they make life so much easier :') x x

  3. I've not used my charcoal toothpaste in ages! Definitely going to start using it again after reading this! X


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