The Paris Itinerary

After a fun week away in Paris, I thought I'd capture everything we got up to and rather than do a post on each day I just threw everything together for a super jam packed photo diary style post so grab a cuppa and the biscuits! I go a bit more in depth around the food places we visited in this post if you were curious to know how we got on.

Day 1 - Travelling & Hotel First Impressions
After a rather stressful start (our lift to the train station never turned up) we eventually made it to Grantham where we caught the train to London. This felt super quick and when we arrived in London, we had a quick mooch around St Pancras to pass an hour, grabbed a soya Pumpkin Spice Latte from Pret then made our way to the Eurostar terminal. Getting through was just as quick, efficient and stress free (as possible) as the past two times I've been through so this was great, despite having to have a pat down which is always fun. It wasn't long before we were able to board our train and whizz across the channel to Lille where again, we were only waiting around 25 minutes before being able to get our next train. Upon arriving at our hotel, we were less than impressed to be quite honest but a whole post reviewing the hotel will be up at the weekend for those of you who are intrigued! We went down to dinner at the hotel then had a fairly early night ready for the next day of exploring.

Day 2 - The Catacombs and Notre Dame
The Catacombs was the place I was most excited to visit as I love anything wouldn't think it would you since I'm a bit of a pastel princess but I can honestly say that down there it's so peaceful and a truly incredible sight. Over six million Parisian remains rest 20 metres below Paris and it was like nothing I have ever seen before. If you're thinking of visiting the Catacombs, definitely grab a ticket online beforehand which you can collect in the city in a nearby wine shop and you can skip the enormous queue that goes around the block which apparently ends up being hours long! We also got given an audio guide which made the visit even more fascinating.

Paris catacombs

Paris catacombs

 We visited Notre Dame afterwards and I have to say, Disney got this entire place spot on in the movie. It's such a beautiful cathedral. It was a shame about the skimpy K-Pop dancers who were showing their ass cheeks right outside idea what that was all about. We also got a feel for the Paris metro and train systems - they're a little confusing but made me appreciate the London tube so much more after my experience with the Paris metros. They're full of people either pretending to be refugees or either are genuine people in need (they looked very clean and wore designer clothes so ya know) constantly begging for money and leaving notes on your seats with a sob story asking for more money. Very awkward and uncomfortable but hey the metro gets you around quickly, just don't make eye contact. We discovered a vegan cafe online called Cloud Cakes so decided to hunt it down. Turns out this was our new regular for the next three days and we couldn't get enough of their Pumpkin Spice Latte's, salads and sweet treats.

Notre Dame

Day 3 - The Louvre
Seeing the Mona Lisa was on my bucket list as was visiting the Louvre in general so this was an absolute must for us. Be warned though, it's absolutely enormous! So big that I ended up getting ridiculously tired and had to keep stopping for a sit down. After ages of walking through ancient artefacts, the Louvre houses thousands upon thousands of them, we got to the Mona Lisa and this was both an amazing yet terrible experience. There is no system in place for viewing her; you just have to barge your way in through hundreds of people all trying to do the same thing whilst the gallery staff just sit and watch. People get nasty, very rude and be prepared to be shoved, kicked, elbowed and sworn at. With James' help, I managed to get to the front to quickly see her and grab a snap and a tiny bit of video footage before giving up being abused and retreated to the back of the gallery room. Seeing the Mona Lisa though, is SUCH a bizarre feeling. She stares right at you no matter where you stand. You feel her assessing you and that smile...I can't quite decide what she means and it's a shame you can't stand long enough looking at her to try and work out for yourself what makes her so magnificent.
After this, we were in much need of some lunch and a proper sit down so we ventured off to Cloud Cakes again, then to an awesome place called Hank Pizza which was an entire pizzeria dedicated to vegan food. Amazing.

The Louvre

Mona Lisa

Day 4 - Palace of Versailles
I honestly didn't know what to expect for Versailles and I believe a lot of it was closed for renovations when we visited. A little disappointing that we still paid £18 each for a ticket and it was very much room after room of paintings of men in wigs. The ceilings were incredible though and they were my favourite parts of the palace, absolutely plastered in impressive paintings. It took us around 2 hours to get there from our hotel so I think we were wanting a little bit more of a wow factor after how far we travelled but we did it and that's that. Afterwards we headed back into the city centre and headed for Cloud Cakes for the third and final time before venturing off to find Hank Burger which was the burger version of what we had at the pizza place the day before.


Day 5 - Disneyland
Each time I visit Disneyland, I feel less and less in love and that's rather difficult for me to say but I have finally admitted to myself I'm more attached to the memories I have there with my parents rather than the parks themselves. It was great to go back, but now I doubt we'll go again until we have a child of our own who is old enough to appreciate it as we did when we were little. I think a huge off-put is the lack of food options for us as vegans and also the place just seems to get tackier, especially the Disney Village which seriously needs a good makeover and an update. Regardless, we did all of our favourite rides and I was gutted that Big Thunder Mountain was closed, but we got on everything else. It was nice to see the Pirates ride had been updated a little to include Jack Sparrow at various points. Wasn't too keen on the makeover Space Mountain has had as it's now Star Wars themed but at least they're trying. We got a very rare selfie in front of the castle which I adore and overall it was a hilarious day with my husband.

Disneyland Paris

Despite seeing a very large handful of awesome places and ticking a few off the bucket list, city breaks just aren't relaxing in the slightest and we were both nackered after the week, desperate to come home to see the dogs and have plenty of food options once again! I don't feel any desire to return to Paris now I've done it and did any of you notice we skipped seeing the Eiffel Tower? We passed it whilst on the train to Versailles and it looked that rubbish we didn't stop haha! I guess you could say we're not you're standard tourists who above all else loved the Catacombs the most but it was an adventure!

Next time though, we've decided to stay in the UK and find a lovely little cottage to take the dogs to. That sounds nice!

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