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Back in May this year, Custard and Vespa were asked to review a bunch of doggy treats from the wonderful brand Webbox and they absolutely loved the experience whilst I very much enjoyed filming them opening their hamper and tasting the different goodies. Webbox were kind enough once again to ask whether they'd like to try out their brand new festive range and after last time, I knew it would be a huge mistake to pass up this opportunity!

dog food

I have no shame in admitting that I just have to get my dogs on board during any festive season (right now I'm contemplating getting Vespa a little skeleton t-shirt to wear for Halloween) and I've always put a little something underneath the Christmas tree for them. This year will only be Vespa's second Christmas with us but as a little family of four, it's our first in our new house which will be super exciting and we plan on actually buying some sort of tree because back in Flat 4, we had no space for one. I've been seeing around lately that shops seem to be baring pets in mind even more and it's no surprise really from a marketing point of view because people like me just love buying novelty gifts for their furry family members.

dog hamper

Because my Schnauzer in particular seems to lack any brain signals that tell her when she's had enough food, I decided to capture some footage of my dogs eating some of the treats over the course of about a week so I wasn't over feeding them all in one go. Included in the box was some doggy chocolate which was interesting and even my little Yorkie boy who can be a tad fussy really loved the chocolate! 

Included in the range are some Christmas themed toys and Custard went crazy for the stripy legged reindeer! Vespa has never shown an interest in any kind of toy but the treats he absolutely adored and it was nice to see a sometimes fussy eater not turn his nose up at anything he was offered. We're going to be saving the roast, pudding, bauble and deli box for nearer to Christmas so the dogs have something extra yummy for Christmas day but this entire box and it's contents had such a festive feel to it and the dogs are having an amazing time sampling all of the goodies! Thanks Webbox!

christmas dog

If you're interested in treating your furbabies to some extra special goodies this year, the festive range is now available online and in some shops and supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury's and I also remember seeing them in Home Bargains too. Speaking or bargains, the entire range is so reasonably priced and the amount you get for your money is such good value. Plus my dogs went crazy every time I went to their box to give them something new to try so I think that says a lot about what they think! If you're a cat parent there is also a range of cat products and toys available so everyone can get involved! I'll pop our video below so you can see what the dogs thought to opening their box and trying some of the goodies inside. I think it's safe to say they had a fantastic time!

Thanks for reading,

*This hamper was sent to my dogs Custard and Vespa from Webbox in exchange for a blog post reviewing the treats and experience*

*James and I both stick to a vegan diet but the dogs do not as it isn't their choice and they have different nutritional requirements. If a brand want to send them bits to try, that's perfectly okay with us*

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