10 Things I've Learnt In 26 Years

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I've seen these types of posts floating around, reflecting on life's lessons so naturally I wanted to collect together some of the things that have really stood out to me over the years.

1. You Can Watch Harry Potter An Unlimited Amount Of Times
I grew up with these books, films and the kids in the series, who we all know and love and were the same age so it really felt like my year group were all growing up alongside them. What I have come to notice however is no matter how many times I read the books or watch the films, it's never enough and I always get that lost and emotional sensation when I've completed them, time and time again. My world would not be complete without Harry Potter and I'm sure I stand with millions of people across the world who thank JK Rowling for bringing these wonderful stories into our lives.

2. I'm Sensitive
And for a very long time I was made to feel as though being sensitive was one of the worst things a person can be. Only within the past two years or so have I come to realise how rare it is to find someone who is equally as sensitive but it's also sometimes very difficult when others can't understand how you feel about something. I wouldn't change my sensitivity for anything else though and it's something I have learnt to embrace rather than hide.

3. People Come And Go
When you're younger and friends start to drift for the first time, it can sometimes set off all sorts of anxiety like 'did I do something wrong?' 'do they just not like me anymore?'. But as you get older, change locations, workplaces, educational establishments, you meet new people and just as naturally, you drift from others. Sometimes people do remain and you'll make friends for life, I know I sure have a few who I met at my old job who just can't seem to get rid of me but if things don't continue as they are, I've learnt to not worry too much about clinging onto every last bit of their time. Friendships work both ways as should everything and one day you may reconnect with people you thought you'd never see again, but I appreciate the time I do get with people and have learnt to look at things from a different point of view.

4. It's Okay To Have Cereal For Tea
The novelty of not living under either of my parent's roofs with their rules hasn't quite worn off yet despite having been away from home for nearly 7 years. Sometimes you just need that little bit of chocolate or a biscuit for breakfast and sometimes you just fancy cereal for tea. No harm in that. So long as you're living a healthy balanced lifestyle alongside these occasional slip ups then I really don't see the harm in just switching around the order in which you have your meals.

5. Spending Time In The Kitchen Is Therapeutic 
When I worked six days a week at my old job, I hardly ever enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. On top of trying to build a business, run my blog, channel and still have some kind of a social life the last thing I ever wanted to do was 'waste' time in the kitchen. I was all about convenience, quick and easy and if it took too much time away from me I got incredibly pissy. But after finding a routine and realising the importance of good, healthy and homemade food as opposed to crappy quick dinners like beans on toast (I was terrible, I know) I have once again found my love for baking, experimenting with vegan treats and also cooking a lot more from scratch. Nutritious, healthy food that makes me feel good and also makes me feel good about making it - that's why food became it's own category here on my blog!

6. No One Will Know You're Wearing Cheap Clothes
When you're a teenager one of the biggest things you feel like you face is where you're buying your clothes from and are the brands as good as those being purchased from by your friends. When I was younger, the thought of disclosing to anyone that a t-shirt might be from Asda's George terrified me and it didn't help that my 'friends' were tit heads who would have given me grief for it. I think to be honest it was how they would have made me feel over how I actually felt about my super cute £5 Asda top but kids can be so cruel and if I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be 'you don't need 'friends' like this, have the courage to find some new ones'. These days I love nothing more than a rummage through Primark and even the charity shops. Recycling is cool and I wish I'd known that sooner.

7. My Health Is Important
Following on from point 5 about the food side of things, leaving my job earlier year was let's face it, a long time coming but as I have mentioned previously here, I feel I left it a bit too late before I took my health seriously. It took for me to hit an all time low before I realised the neglect and lack of respect I had for myself...how on earth had I let this happen? Luckily I turned it around and with the help of my family and friends, have turned into a brand new person. They helped me to dust myself off, redesign and come back stronger. I made the decision to improve my lifestyle by going vegan as well and making more of an effort to eat healthier, find an exercise I enjoy rather than despise and I learnt to recognise when my mental health needed love and care as well as my physical health.

8. Animals Matter
I turned vegetarian when I was 7 years old and never looked back. This year I went a tad further and cut more things out and in turn, discovered a whole new lifestyle that has done nothing but invigorate me and fill me with this crazy new passion for life, health and the environment. But for as long as I can remember, the number one reason why I try to do all I can is because I have the most ridiculous amount of love for the animals. I have lost sleep wondering how I can help them further, researched how I can rescue some animals and have mulled over countless ideas as to how to promote good animal welfare. Aside from the art, my passion for animals is something I have only developed and I will only ever continue to do so because I don't believe for one minute I am done here. I will continue to try and help the animals and use my voice for them and I honestly couldn't give you any other reason than I feel like it's what I'm here to do.

9. Money Isn't Everything
Money really doesn't buy everything and with that, I'm attempting a more minimalistic approach to life. No offence to the blogging world, but when I started my blog I fell into the trap of buying stuff just because it looked cute, would make a pretty prop or just because I needed to try it for the sake of a review. I ended up with so many cosmetic products that I simply did not need, they ended up sat in my bathroom cupboards for months and I'm only just getting around to using them all up. I don't buy like that anymore; I buy when I genuinely need things and even then I try and talk myself out of it. Not spending money on things just for the sake of reviewing it has also taught me to be a lot more creative with my blog content, you really don't have to spend much or anything at all to have a blog which I feel a lot of new comers often feel like they need to do. Putting blogging aside, I've never been one who is driven by having lots of money but having the security with a fairly well paid job is something I miss a little, but no where near as much as I thought I would. I have learnt to live with a lot less yet somehow, I'm so much happier.

10. Family Is Everything
Money can't buy family or friends either and as I've grown up I've come to see that nothing really does compare to family and having joined another family as well, in turn expanding my own I have never felt so much love and support in my entire life. I'm very lucky to still have both my parents and also lucky to have been welcomed into the Woolley family like I've been a part of it the whole time and have the most amazing, caring in-laws anyone could ever ask for. In my teenage years I wasn't really one for spending a great deal of time with my own and as I've mentioned in a previous post, my Mum and I were like cat and dog but these days she's my best friend and we have so much fun together.

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