An Arty Day Out In Newark

It sure has been a crazy busy week for me and I've barely been at home in my lovely, warm and snuggly abode. On Wednesday my Mum and I ventured into Newark for two reasons: one was to visit a friend of mine who has commissioned Mum to do some pet portraits for Christmas gifts and we needed to get a good snap of the pooch in question for good references when doing the painting, the second was to visit an art shop. We usually go art materials shopping together and we're the best yet worst pair to put together for this kind of buying because you'll find us sharing experiences using different materials but also encouraging each other to splurge. We went to the art shop first and it was a cute little place called Hills of Newark and upon entering it had that classic art shop smell, the old kind. This smell is super nostalgic to me because when I was little my Mum worked in a graphic design office (she's been self employed for many years now) and the smells of printer inks, paper, pens and paints all floating around the air is one of those that I wish I could bottle up and sniff at will. I asked the lady who was helping us if she'd mind if I took some photos of the shop because it really was a magical wonderland of art supplies.

Art shop

Art supplies blog post

Winsor and Newton acrylic paints

Art supplies haul

After wondering around and buying a few bits from Hills, we headed back into the main part of town and grabbed a Starbucks - I had a soya milk gingerbread latte and to be honest I wasn't overly fussed with it. It was no PSL let's put it that way but it wasn't terrible, I just expected more of a festive kick to it. Then when we'd drank up, we nipped down a lovely little alley way called Chain Lane and went into the Trent Galleries to look at the Kerry Darlington exhibition that was being put together. My Mum first introduced me to Kerry's work a few years back and I absolutely adore her, but seeing her work in person was breathtakingly beautiful and for the first time in my life I stood thinking to myself 'yep I could happily have her work up in my house'. My Mum was like a giddy child in a sweet shop and couldn't stop 'ooooohing' over every piece she saw and kept changing her mind as to which was her favourite. I knew for sure which piece had captured my heart and it was this stunning scene of the Mad Hatter's tea party. Kerry's use of colour and 3D effect within the work is unlike anything I have ever seen and it feels as though you discover another tiny detail every time you look into it. Mind blown.

Kerry Darlington Mad Tea Party painting

Newark, Nottinghamshire

We eventually found it within ourselves to part from the gallery but vowed to return this weekend to meet Kerry Darlington herself who is going to the shop for a meet and greet and could hardly contain our excitement! Mum was skipping all the way back to the car and we returned back to Leicestershire feeling really refreshed and inspired. Watch this space for my post all about our awesome day at the gallery meeting Kerry Darlington in the flesh and the crazy exciting news that goes with it!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. How cute are you and your momma! Please let us see the finished outcome of your mum's pet drawings! I'd love to see! Oh and best of luck at the fairs hunni, I saw on twitter that you're doing them, so excited for you and hope you get lots of sales!! You're doing fabulous!! <3 <3


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