First Christmas Fair 2017

Yesterday was the first of my Christmas fairs for 2017 and in all honesty I wasn't expecting much. I had attended this venue a couple of times previously when I made jewellery and came home with no money each time. I hate to be a 'Negative Nancy' but past experiences weren't really giving me much to go by but I was determined to give it my best. I put an awful lot of time and effort into the preparations for my stall; I sent James scrambling around the loft for my table cover that I'd not used in four years, I printed pretty price tags, borrowed stands from some very kind friends, bought extra containers to display products and even scattered sweets across the table for extra fun, not to mention the amount of stock I made up. I did a test run of the stall at home in my lounge so I had a clear idea of how to set up on the day and we were good to go. My friend Vikky was also beyond amazing for offering to support me with this stall so between us, we loaded up her car as it was bigger than mine and off we went.

Vikky did an amazing job of helping me to set my table up as rehearsed at home the weekend before and I was super pleased with how it looked. She even bought some camping chairs with her so we wouldn't have to stand for the entire time and we set ourselves up, snacks and all tucked behind our pastel table. James had an idea to set the badge designs out on a board so people could see the range available and I had a huge bowl of badges at the very end to dig through, as well as organised trays of designs under the table for ease if people wanted a specific one.

Pastel Elixir Christmas Fair

At 10am the doors were opened to the public and we got a nice little bit of traffic coming through but after half an hour, this died down an awful lot. Then lunch time approached and it got even quieter which we didn't get too worried about since it was lunch time and people would have been finding somewhere and something to sit and eat, so we cracked open some more food for ourselves and popped some festive music on to get into the Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately the foot fall didn't pick up at all for the rest of our time there and the most annoying part of it was sitting not doing much and being so darn cold. I took an extra pair of socks with me but even that wasn't doing much. We were there in our coats, scarves and cute mittens which I had bought for both of us but we still sat there frozen stiff. My Mum showed her face and had a wonder around which was nice of her and she got chatting with one of the garden landscaping stalls which were there this year and she also stole a handful of sweets from my table!

Christmas craft fair

Mittens from Superdrug

Overall though, we only made just about enough to cover the cost of our table and that was it. It can be very easy to get really upset and disheartened with these things but something stood out to me and that was that the fair wasn't advertised enough. The other stall holders were a little miffed and dare I say it a lot more upset with their lack of success than we were but a few positives I took away from yesterday were these:

1) I had great company with me all day so thankyou Vikky!
2) It wasn't just us - it was everyone who had a bad day for it
3) The location wasn't great - not many people knew it was there
4) Foot fall in general wasn't high so it wasn't anything we did wrong
5) Feedback I got was brilliant and everyone was saying how professional our stall looked
6) There was a lot of vegan attention from my badges and magnets!
7) It was the first run and I had lots of fun with a good friend
8) The lady next to us was a good laugh too

Some stalls started packing up at around 3:20pm and it didn't end until 4pm but we were all pretty sure there were no new members of the public passing through, just other stall holders floating around and trying to pass the time. It was a bit disappointing really, especially since it was so cold and I'm still trying to defrost my fingers and toes the day after but it was all extra experience and means I have plenty of stock ready for the next Christmas fair in December.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your setup was really cute! It's a shame that you didn't get too much customers. ♥

    1. Thankyou Michelle, it's such a shame but I have better hope for next time! x

  2. That's such a shame that it wasn't properly advertised. It's great that you've taken all the positives away from the day though, as you should!
    Your stall looks absolutely incredible, do you have a lot more Christmas fairs? I'll come along if you have any when I'm in Leicester!
    Hels xx

    1. Thankyou! I've got another one at the beginning of December in Leicestershire if you're around :) x x

  3. This is such an amazing post, lovely pictures as well, I love your blog, truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!!!


  4. All of this looks so cute! x x x

  5. Aw wow! Your stall looks super cute! I love the way it was all set up, it looks really effective :D Congrats on your first fair and putting your work out there, such amazing thing to do :D I'm glad you had lots of positives to take away from the experience for next time :D Hopefully they will be better at advertising the fair next time :)



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