I Collect Children's Books

I collect children's books. Despite not yet having children of my own, books aimed at children are usually the first ones I visit when I step into a book store. Sometimes I love nothing more than popping into The Works or Waterstones to grab some new inspirational materials and that is exactly why I collect children's books;  for inspiration! Illustrations like this are what made me want to become an illustrator myself and I love nothing more than immersing myself in this kind of work from time to time to recharge my batteries and refill my creative juices.

Unicorn Colouring Book

One of my favourite types of illustration is the use of thick black outlines which can often be seen in my own work these days. I took a lot of inspiration from these kinds of drawings when I first started out and I also used to adore sinking myself into a bit of Cartoon Network and watching something like Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I went through quite a huge phase of really wanting to work for Cartoon Network one day but my heart never really lay with animation so I started to explore books a lot more.

Adventure Time comic book

I went into The Works this past summer and picked up a few more kid's books to add to my collection and I noticed they had a 3 for £5 offer on some of them. I decided to get a selection of the Twinkle the Fairy books, illustrated by Sarah Warburton who I had never heard of before but now these books are some of my favourites to open up and get lost in. It's not necessarily the story I enjoy and I don't always read the words, I prefer to get lost in the illustrations themselves and sometimes I end up feeling like I am a part of the artwork - a strange yet wonderful feeling. 

Sarah Warburton illustration book Twinkle the Fairy

Sarah Warburton

My collection wouldn't be complete of course without a Disney book of some kind and whilst I have a few Winnie the Pooh books and a lovely copy of the Jungle Book, this huge book really stands out to me and it's the one James bought for me last Christmas. It shows you a huge variation of all of the Disney films ever made, dating all the way back to when Mickey was first born and the first Mickey and Friends short films, along with the beginning of Snow White and my favourite, Fantasia. I just love the sketchy first ideas of the characters and seeing them develop into the moving, dancing figures we know and love, but what really makes a drawing special is when you can see and feel the characters moving even when they're captured still on the page. 

Disney drawings

My next aim is to start collecting the Beatrix Potter series...I actually had the entire collection as a kid in a lovely box that I think my Mum still has somewhere so I'm going to try and track them down before I go buying any more. Another childhood favourite of mine is 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels' both written and illustrated by Quentin Blake who is without a doubt up there with my top 5 illustrators of all time. He is just fantastic with such a unique style and energy, plus the Mrs Armitage series were some of my favourite little stories to read when I was younger so it would be magical to revisit them. I actually have this book on my Christmas list!

Aside from children's books I can't think of anything else I actively collect but what I want to know is, what do you collect?

Thanks for reading!

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