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As the festive season approaches, the Etsy shop review posts have returned and what better way to welcome them back than with introducing you to the wonderful Katnipp Illustration! Katnipp is run by the gorgeous Cathy and I know just by looking at photos of her that we'd be awesome friends, I don't even care how creepy that might sound! She's a pastel princess and her personality is sure reflected in her work which is one of the most special things about buying from a small business. Not only is it so much more personal for you, but you feel the love and enthusiasm that goes into their work and opening up my order from Katnipp was one of my best experiences yet!

mermaid gift

I ordered a little 'moon' button badge to add into a little collection I've been putting together for a Christmas giveaway (stay tuned!) and as much as I really wanted to just buy the entire Katnipp range, I'm watching the pennies as it's my first year self employed whilst Christmas is just around the corner. Scary times! Cathy hand makes all of her items herself and this button badge is of a beautiful quality, very shiny and vibrant also presented on a sturdy display backing piece. My order arrived in a super cute pink envelope and my treats were inside some pink bubble wrap with gold chevron washi tape for extra protection on it's journey to my house. How bloody adorable?!

handmade badges

Cathy was kind enough to add in a pretty mermaid sticker which is a very decent size and perfect for decorating your planners and laptops with; I'll be adding the sticker into my giveaway too! The colours used in Cathy's work are my favourite which is probably why I'm drawn to it so much but I also adore her style and use of lines and shading. I wish I could draw and paint like she does!

mermaid stickers

Not only does Katnipp have a cute range of button badges available, there are things like mugs, tote bags and prints to choose from, as well as handmade jewellery and even personalised baby scans in your chosen colours, the perfect keepsake of your little ones. Everything is very reasonably priced, especially since it's all handmade with love and care.

katnipp illustrations

I'm dying to return to Cathy's shop for some more treats for my friends before Christmas arrives and I have my eye on a couple of bits already...not even sorry! You can find the Katnipp shop here if you fancy checking the range out for yourself, you won't be disappointed! :)

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  1. I'm SO excited to keep up with these reviews in the lead up to Christmas! Cathy's store is beautiful - I love her mugs

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. THIS is the post series i've been looking for! As a newbie to the etsy seller world, i really want to support fellow artists and discover their work. Along with your magical stuff, i can't wait to discover more through this series :)

    Bumble & Be


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