Why I'm Not Doing Blogmas

Like many bloggers at this time of year, I've been mulling over whether or not to give blogmas a shot this December. I didn't get the chance to last year since I was working heavy six day weeks and couldn't really find the time without running myself into the ground so I was pretty certain until this week that I'd give it a whirl. But the lack of inspiration I have been experiencing mixed with wanting to do vlogmas too and run my online shop along with Christmas fairs, has made me question the quality of my posts should I go ahead. At the moment, I usually have a new post up every two days which I think is pretty good going and I'm very happy with the content I write (otherwise I wouldn't press publish!) but I also know that going that bit further would be spreading myself too thin.

blogmas christmas snowman

I've been seeing other keen bloggers asking around on social media too whether it's best to keep to a Christmassy, festive theme or whether to just add a bit of everything in there and I honestly wouldn't worry too much - it's your blog, you write about whatever the hell you like. I think it always shows in writing anyway when the author is enjoying what they're sharing with you and this is something else I think might show in my own work should I attempt blogmas this year. Will forcing content out have 'desperate' written all over it and give my readers the impression I literally scrambled whatever ideas I could find together just to say I didn't miss a day?

So here's the plan, I'm going to be laid back as if I were laying on the ground and will continue my usual routine of one post every two days which is what I feel super comfortable with. If I feel like it and if the occasion, motivation and enthusiasm arise then I will capture that bad boy and add it to my collection but I'm not going to stress about trying to think of ideas and getting them up on time. And that's okay!

Are you doing blogmas this year?

Thanks for reading!

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