Yutaka Vegan Katsu Curry*

If you had to ask James and I what our favourite type of food is, Japanese would win every time. Embarrassingly, before I got together with James I hadn't tried too much Japanese food but he introduced me to the likes of Wagamama's and with him being a quarter Chinese, asian food and cooking is a huge family favourite. It's very easy to assume that grabbing a takeaway is the best way to try different kinds of foods but once again, James has opened my eyes to cooking these things from scratch at home and I couldn't believe how easy it is and so much tastier, most likely healthier too! Yutaka has been one of our favourite food brands for a good couple of years now so when they got in touch and asked us if we'd like to sample their Japanese Style Curry, we jumped at the chance!

Yutaka tofu panko katsu curry

Yutaka onion katsu curry

Onion Yutaka katsu curry

This meal was super easy - you just need an onion to dice up and fry before adding your katsu curry chunks with water, some rice, some tofu or veg and that's basically it. It took under 30 minutes to make and you can get really creative with what you fry up to go alongside your rice and sauce. Yutaka were kind enough to send us a bag of their panko which is essentially just Japanese bread crumbs and we've tried these before along with our regular purchase of Yutaka silken tofu. We made our usual vegan friendly batter just with flour, water and a splash of rice milk to dunk our pieces of tofu in before covering them with the panko and frying them in some oil. To get some healthy veg in there we did the same with some pieces of courgette and they're so delicious!

panko fried tofu vegan

katsu curry Yutaka vegan

Whilst the tofu was busy frying away, the rice was boiling and our curry sauce simmering, filling the entire kitchen with the most fantastic smells which left us both dancing around desperate to get stuck in. To serve up, James got all fancy and used a mug to mould the rice into a presentation dome whilst I arranged the panko tofu and courgette around the outside. Then he got the thumbs up to drizzle on the katsu sauce whilst I got some snaps of our delicious looking meal before we snuggled up in front of a film to dig in.

vegan katsu curry

vegan katsu curry panko fried tofu

It's only been this year that I have really started to actually enjoy cooking; in the past all it's ever felt like is a chore and I've never had the confidence to try something new but brands like Yutaka make it so easy, simple and delicious that I now enjoy spending time in my kitchen creating lovely meals. What makes it even nicer is when James can get involved with reviewing bits for my blog and we both get excited about cooking, teaming up and making a real evening of it. We get the radio on and it's such a nice way to spend time together so a big thankyou to Yutaka for sending these samples over to us to try - we absolutely loved it and had a brilliant time trying something new!

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*The Katsu curry cubes and the panko were sent to us to review on my blog, the tofu we bought with our own money from Tesco*


  1. Ooo I love it! Whenever I make katsu curry I always make it from scratch, but sometimes I'm in lazy moods and the Yutaka stuff is really good at achieving it. :D

    I love your recipe and although I'm not vegetarian or vegan, I'll definitely be making this for one of my friends who is a vegetarian! :D



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