Christmas Fair #2 - The Victorian Market

A couple of weeks back I was sharing with you all the story behind my first Christmas fair in four years and the first fair as Pastel to say it was a complete and utter flop that one. Understandably, the outcome of it made me extremely apprehensive about the next one two weeks later but I gave myself a slap, reminded myself that this time the location was much better meaning people would find us, we had a great spot in one of our local coffee shop courtyards and once again, I was going to have some awesome company and not be sat on my tod.

This fair is one of the biggest in the country and it has a Victorian theme to it, so many people dress up and embrace the towns traditions, there is live music in the town centre, the Christmas lights are on and there is a brilliant atmosphere. We were lucky enough to be offered a spot behind our favourite coffee shop which meant we were out of the way of the main hustle and bustle of human traffic but also in a great place still for a decent amount of footfall. We set off bright and early, got the table set up and this is what it looked like!

I couldn't quite justify buying a Victorian outfit that I was only going to wear once but that didn't stop James from whacking on clothes he already owned and doing his best Peaky Blinders impression. If I say so myself, he looked just like Tommy Shelby! It was great to have him there for this one as he couldn't make the previous stall we did and I think he also enjoyed seeing us in action. Vikky came with us again and she was such a huge help I still can't thank her enough. We went a lot more prepared for this one which I'll go into in just a sec but I still got rather cold hands (due to an injury) meaning when it comes to handling money I am completely hopeless, but Vikky was there to support me and I couldn't have done it without her. James wandered around, drawing people in and meeting the other enthusiasts who were dressed up, we kept our bellies full of hot, delicious food from the coffee shop all day and had a really great time.

The last fair Vikky and I attended left us thawing out for the following three days - not even kidding. For this reason, this time around we took extra measures to ensure we stayed warmer because sitting still behind a table for eight hours in the middle of winter is hard work. James got us all some disposable hand warmers which lasted the entire time we were there. To be quite honest with you, we all ended up tucking them into our shoes because our feet got the coldest but they weren't uncomfortable to wear between our socks. We all had double layers on our legs, double pairs of socks, two coats, hats, Vikky and I had gloves and scarves and we didn't actually get too cold.

Not long after setting up I realised I hadn't remembered to pack the  framed sign I had made with our shop name on it so James once again saved the day and dashed to The Works where he managed to get one of these light box displays for £10 and it did the job perfectly. We'll be taking it again that's for sure! As the day went on and as lunch time passed, it got darker and a bit colder yet there we were underneath our pink gazebo having an absolute blast. The coffee shop owner kept checking we were alright for food and drinks, the live music was keeping spirits high, the lights were twinkling and Pastel Elixir had a really successful day out.

Thanks for reading!

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