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A couple of weeks back I was preparing hard for my Christmas fairs and one thing I've wanted for my stalls for a really long time is some kind of banner or sign telling people who we are. It seemed as though Photowall* completely read my mind as they got in touch and asked if I would be interested in having one of my illustrations printed onto a canvas! I was so amazed that this came at such a good time that I jumped at the chance and using their personalisation service, was able to create a canvas with my shop's name and logo on it. Now I won't lie, I was a little unsure what the quality would be like with it being a design that I had sent off. I think the uncertainty is always there when sending designs off to the printers; will it look how you imagine it to?

Within just a few hours of placing my order, I got an email saying it had been dispatched that very same day and despite Photowall being located in Sweden, I got my parcel within a week. It arrived neatly packed into a long narrow box and inside was my canvas rolled up and protected with paper packaging, with the four wooden sides of my canvas and the screws to put the whole thing together. You can order your canvas as just a roll or with the DIY frame so that you also get the fun of putting your artwork together bet your bottom dollar which option I went for!

The whole process was so easy to do. You start by laying face down your canvas onto a clean surface, each wooden panel has a sticky tab that you peel away and place onto your canvas along the edges as clearly shown in the instructions, then you fold each panel inwards and you see your new product taking shape! Then all that's left to do is use the metal brackets and screws provided to secure it all and make sure your canvas is stretched super tight, then you can flip it over and admire your handy work.

What I especially loved about the kit is you don't actually need any tools unless you're going to be putting your canvas on a wall and in that case they also provide you with the screw pieces to do so, but mine is going to be sat on some of my furniture or a shelf. And here it is, my wonderfully pastel canvas! I chose to keep it really simple with a nice baby pink background and white text in the font I always use for my shop and blog, I think it's gorgeous! It looked so cute sat next to my Christmas tree but it's now upstairs safely in my office, the perfect piece of decor that also doubles up as a big sign to take with me to craft fairs!

I was well and truly blown away by the quality of this canvas; it's super thick material and the wooden panels are extremely sturdy so I'm not at all worried about it sagging over time or loosing it's shape. Photowall can do lots of different sizes for you and I went for a 70x50cm piece so it was nice and big...punchy as they say! If you don't want your own work printing though, they have a gorgeous selection of artwork to choose from, even Disney pieces!

Photowall were kind enough to send me a discount code for my readers to use which is EllisWoolleyCampaign2017 and it will get you 20% off your order, valid for 30 days from 15th December 2017. Enjoy! A big thankyou to Photowall as well for allowing me to choose some of my own work to get printed onto a canvas and saving the day with getting a banner made for my next set of fairs! If you hadn't already realised, I'm chuffed to bits with mine!

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*Canvas was gifted to me by Photowall in exchange for a blog post reviewing their services and product*

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