Illustrated Veganism

Seven months ago I chose the vegan lifestyle, for my health, the environment and the animals. As cliche as it sounds, it's the best lifestyle choice I have ever made and I couldn't be happier with where it has taken me already. I have a new found passion for self care and worth which I hope will only continue to grow. I'm excited to become stronger through exercising and doing daily yoga, discover more amazing food dishes and also continue to do all we can as a household to reduce things like plastic and carry on supporting cruelty free brands.

I've been in somewhat of an arty rut since I left university a few years ago and have never really felt like I've had much direction or 'niche' for my work. It's as though I have a few different styles and I developed my quick and basic line/block colour doodles as a way of still producing work whilst working my long seven day rota at my old job. When I quit the job, I started to create a routine for myself and put a lot of my energy into feeling well again and starting my freelance career for real. I think it always felt like it wasn't very serious because it was something I did alongside a 'real' job so plunging headfirst into this self employed world has taken some getting used to and over the last few months, that's what I've been doing. But since I've had more time to work on new pieces, I've had more time to actually sit and work on artwork for a few days as opposed to half an hour. I can sit and paint for a whole day and focus on developing the skills which I felt had become quite rusty over time because I never had the chance to use them.

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Something which I feel really helps me to produce my best work is when I have a passion for the content and the theme I go with. For example...I'd be hopeless at drawing or painting cars or buildings. I just know it, but over time I hope I can come to challenge myself to try new things. Painting and drawing animals however has always been my number one strength and this year I'd really like to expand on that and help to promote animal welfare at the same time. I'd also love to step into the world of food illustration and use my own photographs to work from, so that will mean making some delicious food first, win win!

As with my channel, I've always had this fear looming over me that talking about veganism won't be very well received and it's always made me think twice. This year however I really want to embrace what I'm passionate about and this new lifestyle I chose half a year ago excites me a lot, so why not share it both here and in my artwork. So what now? 

I've been working on lots of new things for my shop since the start of the new year and today I released some new mugs and a brand new jewellery range, which is something I have dreamt about for months! Tomorrow I'd like to continue working on some new designs for the jewellery and see where I'm at with my new prints. I'd love to have a proper sit down and plan out some blogging because I feel like I've been neglecting it since I got the flu just before Christmas and I really miss the posting routine I had, but at the same time I've been super busy with the new products so at least there's a huge positive! I'm SO excited to see what happens with my shop this year and really enjoy my first full year of being self employed. I'm scared shitless but what an adventure it's going to be.

If you're trying out veganuary this year do let me know how you're getting on in the comments and if you're missing that chocolate, this recipe will sort you right out!

Thanks for reading!

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