Vegan Rocky Road

Two weeks before Christmas I did a spot of vegan baking...if that's what you can call it because after all, this recipe requires no cooking. We'll just call it baking because it involves cake and that's good enough for me. Then I fell ill with the flu and never got round to sharing my creation, I think James must have snapped up most of the cakes but I managed to get one or two pieces for myself! I'm a huge lover of rocky road and if you're starting out on your vegan journey or taking part in Veganuary right now, you may be wondering whether or not the vegan life can still involve treats like this. Fear not, I got you covered!

For these yummy delectables all you need are the following ingredients, but feel free to mix things up a bit by adding in some cherries (I would have if I remembered to get some!), some nuts, different dried fruits, or even some cheeky sweeties. It's entirely up to you!

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- 50g vegan butter
- 70g vegan marshmallows
- 100g vegan milk chocolate
- 75g vegan dark chocolate
- 3 tbsp golden syrup
- 90g rich tea biscuits
- 50g sultanas
- extra chocolate to drizzle on top

freedom confectionery

Start by beating the hell out of your biscuits. I did this by popping them into a bowl and pressing the end of a wooden rolling pin into them repeatedly so that it absolutely destroyed my rich teas. You want to be left with a variety of sized chunks, not all tiny crumbs.

Next, whack your butter into a bowl with your syrup and chocolate and you can either microwave this with 30 second stints or melt using a bain marie method. I used a microwave because it was a little easier and faster but once it's all melted, mix it well and add that to your smashed up biscuits. 

Then you can get creative and add in your different textures, marshmallows are a must for rocky road and luckily Freedom Confectionery do gorgeous mallows in vanilla and strawberry and they're now being stocked in Sainsburys! Not sponsored - I just adore these sweets and it's amazing being able to still eat little treats like this without exploiting the animals.

freedom confectionery, vegan marshmallows

Once everything is well mixed, chuck it all into a parchment lined tray and then you can add some marshmallows on top if you like and perhaps drizzle on some of the spare chocolate to make it look all fancy. I used a 7x7 inch square tin which was around an 1 inch deep and my mixture filled it perfectly. Pop it into the fridge for a couple of hours and BOOM you're done! You can cut your rocky road into small squares or nice big chunky slabs, whichever you prefer!

vegan rocky road, rocky road, vegan cake, veganuary

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you decide to add into your mixture! Happy Veganuary everyone :D

Thanks for reading!

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