Kickstarter Campaign Update!

With just three days left to go as of this glorious Sunday morning, this first ever Kickstarter of my mine is SO close to the finishing line. There have been quite a few lessons learnt throughout the last three and a half weeks which I'm saving to share via a separate Kickstarter related post, but for now I thought I'd share a little update on what you can grab in terms of rewards if you wish to take part.

Right at the start of this campaign I told myself not to get too emotionally invested in *hopefully* getting the bags made but then as time went on I realised this was virtually impossible. I've always wanted tote bags made (and maybe if I'm super lucky one day, t-shirts!) ever since I was an early teenager so this dream of mine is at least ten years old and I've never come to close to making it happen. Tote bags alone are very expensive to get made so every last penny will be going towards having them manufactured for my shop and then I realised, why not chuck another design into the mix while I'm at it?

Now available to pledge towards is this adorable coffee design on a black fabric tote, perfect for those trips to your favourite local cafe to do some blogging or creative work. Of course, the animals design is still available and will be printed onto sky blue fabric. This one is very close to my heart as it represents love for animals as well as ethical shopping and reducing as much plastic as possible by reusing these adorable totes so if you'd like to get your hands on one and help make a small business dream come true, you can pledge here!

I'm still giving away little bundles of cuteness for anyone who wishes to pledge but doesn't quite fancy themselves a tote bag so be sure to check out the rewards list to see if anything grabs your attention and once again, a HUGE thankyou to all of you who have pledged so far and supported my first ever Kickstarter!

UPDATE! - 25/02/18

Due to reaching the £450 goal (does a crazy happy dance around the house then returns to desk) we have decided that just for a bit of fun we'd throw another design into the mix as a little stretch goal! So here it is! Happy chappy avocado will be coming to the shop if we manage to get to £500! There's still a couple of days to get involved and secure yourself a bag and thanks again to everyone who has helped to make this happen for us. We're so excited!

Lots of love,

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