How I Started My Art Journal

Art journals are becoming increasingly popular and some people out there make them look like an entire masterpiece; it wasn't long before I developed journal envy and wanted to start my own. I've always been a bit of a collector or scrap papers and textures, anything like paper bags, wrapping paper, pretty envelopes, I have a little drawer where I keep stuff like that for scrapbooking and collaging and it's all helped me to kickstart my own art journal.

I started by gathering some inspiration from YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram to see what sort of layouts caught my eye then I set to work creating my own. The book I use is from Tangible Stationery and it's a hardback notebook, not a proper sketchbook or anything but I found it to be far too nice to use just as a notebook. Whilst the pages could perhaps do with being a little thicker for art journal purposes, I can't fault the lovely, strong binding and the elastic band that keeps the book closed when it's not in use. Not the brands fault mind, it is after all meant to be a notebook but I'm so pleased I decided to go ahead and use this as a creative journal because it's starting to look wonderful.

To support the thin pages a little more, the collaging and layering of scrap papers to make the pages feel a lot more creative really helps, especially when writing or painting directly onto the pages, it stops things from being seen on the other side and just makes everything a little more sturdy. This in time will also bulk the book up which I think always makes sketchbooks look even more enticing, like they're oozing with arty goodness.

I tend to try and use a glue stick rather than PVA glue for a couple of reasons, the first being that it doesn't soak the pages and make them ripple like PVA does and the second, from the research I've done Pritt Stick are vegan friendly - if you want to read more about my recent realisations surrounding art materials and being vegan, you can here but to cut a long one short, I am now being a lot more mindful when it comes to buying new art supplies.

I'd love for my art journal to eventually be crammed with all sorts of experiments, including song lyrics and quotes, scribbles and playing about with mediums, perhaps some photos here and there and also some animal studies which really help me to learn at the same time. I did foxes on my very first page and learnt so many interesting facts whilst trying to find some little captions to add to my drawings.

Arranging things has always been something I really enjoy so on top of art journalling being fun, I've found that there is nothing I love more at the moment than settling down with it at my desk in complete silence, no technology, just the steam from a near by cup of tea and I feel so chilled out filling another spread of pretty art. This is such a great motivator too when it comes to trying new things and becoming a lot more laid back when creating.

Let me know if you have an art journal - I'd love to see it!

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