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Anyone who's a regular in these parts will know I'm a HUGE fan of candles, wax melts, diffusers and nice smelling houses in general. Nothing makes me feel more at home and at ease than when my home smells clean, fresh and cosy. 

Peppermint Grove* got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out some of their products which have just launched here in the UK. An Australian brand at heart, these guys have been branching out all over the world and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of their beautifully packaged smellies and to see what I thought for myself.

This whole experience was so magical to me because I have without a doubt never had such a beautiful looking and smelling set of candles and diffusers to make my entire home smell like heaven. Unboxing these items was also an experience like no other. Each candle felt like Christmas and the brand even engraved the lids with my name which is a service they also offer on their website when buying a candle. Stunningly put together in their own box and to match the theme of the scent, wonderful pastel shades compliment the incredibly delicate and classy image of the products. The lids have a metal finish to them and complete the glass jars perfectly.

The candles themselves come in two different sizes at the moment and even the smallest one is a very decent size and should burn for 20 hours. If diffusers are more your thing, I personally think they look really pretty and they're effective without having to burn anything. Something I have noticed about other diffuser brands is how fast the oil seems to disappear, but I can hand on heart say my Peppermint Grove diffuser has been out for three weeks now and it doesn't look like even a centimetre has gone from the bottle. At £24.95 and lasting approximately six months, I think the diffusers are excellent value for money and they come in loads of different scents too, all presented in the same highly polished glass bottles with a sturdy gift box.

Included in my samples to try were a hand cream and a bar of soap and let me tell you, just having the soap on the side in my bathroom fills the whole space with this lovely fresh, super comforting scent. Everyone who has been in my bathroom has asked after what the 'lovely smell' is and I get excited every time to tell them all about Peppermint Grove. Better yet, their products are cruelty free with no animal derived ingredients, making them vegan friendly too which as you can imagine, makes me incredibly happy!

These would make the most perfect gifts for any candle lover, I know I was beyond ecstatic unwrapping mine and I even gifted one to my Mum who's reaction was priceless. She also has her diffuser out in the hallway at home and it smells divine, a vanilla caramel scent - it's like walking into a fudge shop! They're also super special both in appearance and quality, so if you have a wedding gift you're looking for or fancy treating your other half (or even yourself, why not?) to something fancy, this is truly a brand I cannot recommend enough.

Thanks for reading!

*These products were gifted to me by Peppermint Grove to review on my blog, all opinions are my own*

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