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A couple of weeks back, Abbey invited me along to join her at the press event for Leicester's brand new restaurant and bar, the Head of Steam. I'd never heard of this chain before but any excuse to team up with my favourite vegan and try some new foods over a couple of drinks and a good old catch up and I'm there!

Upon arriving we were shown the bar and noticed all of the vegan friendly beers had a little green heart marker in the top of the tap handles which was a brilliant idea and one I hadn't seen anywhere else before. Both Abbey and I went for a strawberry flavoured beer and usually I'm not much of a beer lover but this was exceptionally tasty. I only had the one alcoholic beverage as I was driving but there were over 150 beers both bottled and cask to choose from. I was drinking diet Pepsi for the rest of the evening and you may think you can't go wrong with a standard pop but you really can; sometimes it's flat, watered down, dirty glass, too much ice, but this place got it spot on and it really hit the spot.

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Out of the two levels to sit and have food and drinks, we chose to head to the top floor and bagsy some squishy armchairs which gave us a marvellous view of the bar and the restaurant but it was also nice and cosy for the two of us to catch up properly. A waitress soon came over to take our food orders, so we both went for the vegan spinach and falafel burgers which also came with a salad, then we got a side of sweet potato fries each. This meal was delicious and it came out quickly, seering hot and after getting some quick snaps we dug into our food. It was sensational and we both wished we'd ordered a few more fries but we needed to save room for pudding! 

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Oh the pudding. We chose to share some of the vegan ice creams and this was a platter that I couldn't fault. Three different flavours, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla all in their own traditional dessert glasses and enormously portioned. We were in our element and they were each so full of flavour and incredibly creamy. It was so nice to sit and share a pudding with my vegan chummy and even better that there was such a decent variety.

vegan food leicester, vegan food, vegan leicester, leicester food, head of steam

vegan food leicester, vegan food, vegan leicester, leicester food, head of steam

The only down side to the Head of Steam was the service sort of went a bit limp half way through the evening. To begin with we were checked on at least three times to make sure we were having a nice time, the waitress was quick to take our orders and another returned very quickly after that with our food. It obviously got busier throughout the evening, I wouldn't have said it was particularly rammed, but another waitress tried to give us two steaks and despite seeing three waiters stood doing nothing but observing, it took us at least 15 minutes to get the attention of someone to take our pudding order, despite making eye contact a fair bit - it took for us to awkwardly wave for them to come over. Empty glasses were also taken away but no fresh drinks were offered but aside from those small points everything was grand, the food quality was great and we definitely had a brilliant time catching up whilst pigging out.

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vegan food leicester, vegan food, vegan leicester, leicester food, head of steam

Something which really impressed me was this place is actually dog friendly. The manager did point out he would prefer for dogs to stay on the lower floor but still, what's better than taking your pooch down the pub? Providing they're happy to sit in the hustle and bustle of a public place that is, I know my Yorkie couldn't think of anything worse but still the option is there!

Overall I'd definitely return to the Head of Steam and hats off to them for having some vegan options on the menu, although do be warned - one of the meals is labelled vegan but has halloumi in it so make sure you check with your waiter before ordering. I had an awesome time with Abbey and a big thankyou to her for inviting me along for the evening!

Thanks for reading,

Ellis x

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