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If you're a regular in these parts you may recognise this shop I'm about to talk about. Innabox Design is owned and run by the lovely Nikky who is an illustrator buddy I met through Instagram. I've ordered from Nikky before and after a long debate with myself, have decided I'd quite like to start a pin collection. They seem to be all the rage right now and because of this, so many creators are bringing out some fantastic pins and I knew Innabox would be a shop I'd love to return to for another gem for my little collection, especially since I already had my eye on one!

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Supporting other small businesses is something I love to do as much as I can; I'll always scour the pages for birthday and Christmas gifts and I've also been pinning a lot more of the finds I love to a board on Pinterest. These small businesses deserve to be found, adored and supported so I feel chuffed to bits that I was able to get my next pin from Innabox. The one I went for was the 'Cat Scan' design which is just too cute and right up my street with a Halloween vibe going on. It's a lovely jet black colour with wonderful detailing of the glossy white bones and cheeky little face. Something that I doubt is obvious about this pin is it is in fact from the 'seconds' basket, meaning it was a little bit cheaper due to slight imperfections but as with the unicorn pin I got from Nikky last year, these imperfections are barely noticeable which I why I'm totally fine with buying seconds from her. Purchasing from the seconds baskets is not only a little cheaper for you, but you're also still helping the Etsy shop by helping them to shift some stock. 

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My Cat Scan pin was just £3 and shipping was a bargain of £1 (within the UK) so overall it was really inexpensive. Nikky also popped a sticker and a little surprise into my parcel which was so lovely to receive and as always, her packaging was on point accompanied by a very professional yet fun business card. I save business cards from my favourite sellers too, I love to see how everyone designs theirs!

Let me know if you're a pin collector and who your favourite Etsy shops are!

Thanks for reading,

Ellis x

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