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One of my favourite things to do is grab a cup of tea and a snack before parking myself up in front of some of my favourite illustrator's videos on YouTube. Some I have been watching for a couple of years but over recent months I've been trying to find a few more people so let's talk about Minnie first!

I only discovered Minnie's channel a couple of months ago but have watched religiously ever since. Like all of the illustrators I'm about to chat about, Minnie has such a distinctive style that I find very relaxing to look at and listening to her talk makes her videos an even more of a reason to sit and chill. Minnie discusses techniques, running an online shop and how to fill sketchbooks amongst other topics. I adore her workspace and her tips for a healthy work/life balance as well as advice talks around social media and other challenges artists tend to face. I'd love to try and fill a sketchbook this Inktober after seeing Minnie create her 'Houses and What Haunts Them' zine last Halloween.

Fran is without a doubt the illustrator I have been following the longest especially on YouTube and similar to Minnie, Fran's channel is packed with advice for creatives but there's also an amazing variety of content such as art supplies hauls, travelling around and museum days out, day in the life, behind the scenes of running an online shop and so much more. Fran has been my go to creator when I've personally felt really stuck in a creative rut, especially since starting out wasn't easy for Fran either and she gives me hope when things are quiet for my own work. I'm so in love with her quirky illustration style that is also so apparent within her personality too when I'm watching her on screen; her use of colours and enthusiasm for creating is contagious and I find myself feeling really inspired and motivated after a catch up of her videos - I really couldn't recommend Fran's channel enough.

Sha'an and her studio are one of my favourite things about YouTube right now and I'll admit I have a little bit of work space envy when I sit down to watch her videos. It looks like quite a large space (anything compared to my studio is huge haha) and I just love the oldy worldy aesthetic, cabinets, plants, artwork on the walls - I have a feeling I could spend hours in Sha'an's studio admiring it all. There are a few crafts and DIY projects I'd love to try out after seeing Sha'an talk about them on her channel such as block printing and making my own stamps. I'm also dying to somehow get my hands on a copy of Sha'an's book 'Zoom' which looks incredibly inspiring and would be the perfect addition to my favourite illustrator books section on my shelf. 

Everything about Holly I love. Crazy dog lady and vegan, watercolour artist and soon to be self published with her upcoming illustrated vegan cook book. Couldn't be more excited for her. I'm not overly skilled when it comes to watercolours but Holly always inspires me to keep trying with them, especially as she creates so many wonderful animal themed pieces of artwork that really capture my heart. I think the animals and her love for them is why I enjoy her channel and work so much, her passion really shows and I feel like I'd have so much in common with this lovely lady. As well as art, Holly talks about vegan food, shopping for art supplies, living in the countryside, recycling and again, behind the scenes of running a small business and being a freelance illustrator.

These four lovely ladies are my current creative favourites right now and they each inspire me to be better and embrace the creativity, try new things, keep hold of the artwork I perhaps felt didn't go so well and try it again at a later date. My subscription box would be a very dull place without them!

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