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Around five years ago I placed an order with an online shop I had randomly found through a Google search. I picked up a couple of glitter bows for my hair in different colours and still have them today. Then a couple of weeks back I thought I'd try space buns for the first time and fell in love with the hair style, all they were missing were a couple of cute accessories so I dug out my collection to experiment with. Since my two glitter bows were different colours however they didn't look right so I got myself on the internet, remembering a cute little small business I had once ordered from and was over the moon to see that Beauxoxo are still going strong and are bigger than ever.

Having had her pieces worn by Little Mix and Audrey Kitching to name just a few celebs who love the accessories as much as I do, Georgie has grown her little business into an empire and I was super excited to place another order with her again. Having turned to a vegan lifestyle just under a year ago, I wanted to check beforehand that none of the glues or fabrics used contained any animal products so I emailed the store and was pleased to hear back from Georgie within 24 hours. She was incredibly friendly and informative, explaining that the glitter bows were 100% vegan and that she was aiming to have her entire range following suit very soon.

I ended up choosing the glitter bows in the pastel shades again and this time I went for the pastel white, which is like a gorgeous holographic shade and super sparkly. I went for white so that I could wear them with any outfit and I'm so pleased with my decision. The bows come on a backing card and in a cello sleeve to protect them until you're ready to open them up and pop them into your hair. Georgie also chucks in some sweeties and everything is presented really nicely. Another huge bonus is the reasonable pricing of all of her products, especially considering they're handmade with love and not mass produced on a factory line. These small bows cost just £4 each and come in so many colours, I can see myself returning for some more.

The best part of this experience was knowing I was once again supporting a small business. I could of course have gone to a high street store and got some hair accessories but they wouldn't have been created and packaged with love like something from an indie seller. It's amazing to see Beauxoxo doing so well and seeing big names also appreciating what Georgie does. A massive hats off to her - what an inspiration!

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