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A couple of weeks back I was invited to review the vegan menu at The Cosy Club in Leicester and was able to pick a date to go along with a plus one. Since Abbey is my fellow vegan food gobbling fanatic, I asked her to join me and we went on Tuesday evening to try out their menu. We were booked in for 5:30 and when we arrived it was really quiet which was fine by me since I like a calmer atmosphere. We had a cute little table for two against a wall covered in quirky artwork and not long after sitting down, our waiter came to take our drinks orders.

Since it was girls night, we decided to get some mocktails (I don't drink very much at all) and I went for a standard mojito whilst Abbey went for a mojito with a passionfruit twist to it. They were both delicious and extremely refreshing, I wish I had ordered another one later in the evening rather than my second choice which was the Virgin Summer Sangria. The drinks took a little while to come out to us, but the waiter apologised for the time and explained the bar staff were busy making quite a few cocktails at that moment. He took our food orders when he came back and it didn't take very long at all for us to have our food sat in front of us.

I went for the falafel burger which was absolutely crammed with yummy and healthy goodness like avocado, hummus, sweet potato and of course the falafels. It came with a side of fries too and the portions were very generous so this place will be one to consider when eating out with James. He eats a lot and sometimes portions can be lacking in other places so it's always good to know how much food you get for your money at new places. Abbey had the thai burger and tells me it was delicious too. I'm not a fan of thai food but judging by the fact her plate was completely empty by the time we finished...I think that explains all!

We finished up our food and again it took a fair bit of time for a waiter to come over and take our plates away and then to order dessert and another round of drinks. I think there was a little bit of confusion as he was under the impression there was more than one vegan pudding option but The Cosy Club at this moment do only have one thing to choose from; the chocolate orange torte. I'm seriously not complaining however because this thing was insanely good and very much like a cheesecake. It came out very swiftly (although missing the raspberry sauce that it was supposed to be served with) and it was so rich and creamy that I couldn't finish mine. Instead, they kindly wrapped it up in some foil for me to take home and James was more than impressed that I'd bought him a piece of it home with me. Despite only having the one option, I did find it very refreshing that they weren't just offering a vegan sorbet which seems to be the lazy option in other restaurants and I usually skip pudding out of bordom. Safe to say though that this dessert was tip top and very tasty.

Overall, the timing's for our food and drinks weren't bad at all and the two waiters who we had looking after us were very friendly and seemed to really enjoy their jobs. I also appreciated that there wasn't a set uniform for the staff, they were all dressed really quirky and very independently styled. Still smart and presentable but it was nice to see they all had some freedom with what they wore for work. The atmosphere was brilliant and there was plenty of space in between tables so it didn't feel like you were sitting on other peoples laps. I also adored the themed decor the business has adopted and found the place to be really clean feeling (except the toilets...they stank a little nasty but this was local drainage works and out of the control of The Cosy Club) but our table was spotless and we had a brilliant time trying the vegan food from their menu.

A huge thankyou to The Cosy Club for inviting us along, no doubt I'll be back with James soon for more!

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*Our meals and drinks were paid for by The Cosy Club in exchange for a review of my experience on my blog

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