Vegan Chocolate Making Kit*

If there was one thing that stopped me from going vegan sooner, it was the thought of not being able to eat chocolate ever again. Of course, after doing even just a tiny bit of research I realised what a foolish assumption this was as there are tonnes of vegan chocolate options available, I felt very daft for thinking I'd have to say goodbye to my favourite treat forever. I'm a huge chocolate fan, especially during PMS week when my body craves nothing more than a big chunk to make me feel better, so when I discovered the chocolate making kit from Indigo Herbs I knew I had to give it a go.

When I was younger, one of my dreams was to be a chocolatier; I experimented a little during my teens with making my own chocolate but was always put off when it came to all of the science of chocolate and not really understanding what to do. Tempering for example, which is what makes chocolate have a funny frosted looking coating on it if it is melted then set again without a 'proper' method. It can get a little complicated and in all honesty I don't know enough about making chocolate from scratch.

With that in mind, I couldn't wait to get stuck into this chocolate making kit that came with clear instructions and all of the ingredients needed to make your own raw chocolates at home. I already had a button shaped chocolate mould from a previous project but I bought another one in a paw shape that I can use for dog treats later on. These are super cheap on places like eBay and are also silicone so it's very easy to pop things out once set. The method for this kit couldn't have been easier; you melt the cacao butter bain marie style, add the vanilla before giving it a good mix, add the cacao powder, mix again then add the agave syrup. It's recommended after adding the syrup you stir the mixture 100 times as recommended by the brand's chocolatier team and I found this to be just perfect!

I then put the mixture into a jug for easy pouring, filled all of my moulds and found that I had some chocolate left over so I chucked it into a cupcake tray. I put all of my moulds into the freezer (or you can fridge them, whichever you like!) and waited an hour before popping them out. I had added in some cheeky decorations to my moulds like edible glitter and gold confetti to jazz them up a little but even without, I think they would have looked so cute! The cupcake tray ones didn't come out of the holes as easy as the silicone...I told you guys, the silicone moulds will be your best friends! But even still, they're edible and kind of look a little bit like chocolate cakes so I'm not complaining!

These would make an excellent treat for friends and family - you could even bag them up with a bow as a little gift and better yet, they're vegan friendly. Anyone could have a go at making chocolates with this kit because it's so easy and you could get really creative with decorations...I'm thinking themed chocolates now with all sorts of colours and sprinkles going on!

Thanks for reading!

This chocolate making kit was gifted to me by Indigo Herbs*

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