More New Greeting Cards!

This is just a quick post from me today, but I got a fresh batch of brand new greeting card designs delivered over the weekend and I'm chuffed to bits with them! I've been moving over to professionally printed greeting cards after getting to a point with my handmade ones which was too time consuming and I wanted to up the print and paper quality too. I've been selling off a lot of my handmade ones super cheap and you can also grab a huge stash of goodies in one of my new mystery boxes if you fancy!

So onto the cards, there are five new designs and here they are!

I'm also moving away from plastic cellophane bags for my cards so that's always a huge plus! It's crazy the amount of plastic we could be getting through and I'm really pleased to have taken the #nakedcards pledge to help look after the environment. If you'd like to snap up a card they're live in my shop now just through here!

Let me know what you think & thanks for reading!

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