Summer Smoothies With Lio Licious

We sure have been treated to some heat this year haven't we? If you live in the UK you're probably sat next to a fan right now wondering how on Earth you're going to sleep tonight because your home feels like a green house. Being super pale, you'll most likely find me in the shade when things get a bit tropical, clutching a homemade smoothie and praying for the Autumn months to come back. It doesn't matter what time of year it is when it comes to smoothies though; they're one of the easiest and juiciest ways to get your health fix and they're so easy to make, you needn't pay extortionate prices in the shops for a plastic bottled drink.

Lio Licious sent me a selection of their freeze dried fruits to get creative with and they have taken my smoothie making to a whole new level. The brand specialise in freeze dried products so they have a couple of savoury options too like red onion and black olive granules, but their fruit range is huge with loads to choose from. 

This little beauty here contains:

x1 banana
x1 handful of frozen blueberries
x1 handful of frozen raspberries
x1 splash of pure orange juice
topped with Lio Licious strawberry slices & purple berry blend

There's no real structure to my smoothie making antics, I just chuck it all into a blender and Bob is quite literally your uncle! I even poured a little of my smoothie into a button shaped silicone mould to freeze and make cute little decor bits to top my beverage off nicely. I think it looks so delicious and refreshing!

Lio Licious also have awesome little serving suggestions on the backs of the packets and I feel really inspired to decorate some cakes with the fruits I was sent. I also gave a bag to my Mum because she had been looking for some freeze dried berries to top off a homemade cheesecake so not only are these healthy snacks, they also give your food major presentation points!

I'm also pleased to say these fruit pouches are terrific value for money and they're each between £2-£4.50 depending on which you fancy and the powders are a tad more but the amount you get is very reasonable and the pouches are resealable so you can keep your foods fresh, ready to use another day.

Are you a smoothie fiend? If so tell me your favourite recipe!

Thanks for reading!

*The fruit pouches were gifted to me by Lio Licious to review on my blog*

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