Stampin' Up Card Making Kit*

I'm a huge lover of crafts and will try anything at least once! I used to hand make all of the greeting cards for my shop (they're now professionally printed) but this was simply a matter of attaching a miniature print of my art to some card blanks. Before now I'd never tried to put something extra onto my cards, or create a layered piece using different materials. I'm always so tempted by all of the little gems and details some card designs have but have never really known where to start with making my own.

Stampin' Up have a range of fantastic card making kits for all occasions and what I absolutely love about their packages is you really do get everything you need inside. They're brilliant for beginners, the experienced crafters or those of us who are somewhere in the middle. They contain a decent selection of different bits and pieces to make gorgeous greeting cards and I was kindly sent their 'Notes of Kindness' card kit to review! In this particular set, they include:

x6 stamps
x1 black ink pad
x1 clear stamp block
x20 card blanks & x20 envelopes
die cut stickers & decor pieces
x1 roll of copper coloured twine
x1 sheet of pearl gems
x1 sheet of sticker dimensionals

Plus it's all presented in a wonderful brown, patterned kraft box!

I was a little nervous to get started in all honesty because it feels like there is so much included in your kit that you just have no idea where to start. Luckily, within the box you get a leaflet with some examples on and brief explanations on how to use the contents. I especially love that you don't need any glue for making your cards using this kit; some of the card pieces have a sticky backing and with the pieces that don't you can use the little spongey stickers to adhere them to create some dimension within your design. Then there are some adorable little pearl gem stickers, the gorgeous copper coloured twine and I think this shade is the perfect contrast against the rest of the pastel tones within this kit. It's also got a floral theme throughout so I'm guessing my friend Lisa's Notebook would adore this card making kit more than anyone!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to put some cards together and it was totally mess free, plus the generous sized box everything comes in means it's quick and easy to put everything away for another time once you're finished. With 20 card blanks and envelopes to get through, these are sure to keep me stocked up for a while and I can't wait to create some more as soon as I have a minute for some chill time! Something else which I think is really awesome about the brand is they have a refills option, so rather than buy the whole full price kit again if you use everything up, you can just buy the kit again minus the stamps at a reduced price.

I love to give out cards for any occasion but one particular thing I do love thankyou cards for is my Patrons, who receive hand written letters and thankyou's each month from me for supporting my illustration work. Patreon is a way for people to get a little more involved with the development of my small business so I love to give back as much as I can. These cards would be perfect for my monthly reward parcels so I'll definitely be sending some of my creations to them! Plus what makes a greeting card even more special is when you've made it yourself with lots of love.

What do you guys think to greeting cards and would you ever try a kit like this?

Thanks for reading!

*This kit was sent to me to review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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