An Afternoon With Kat Von D

I suffer with generalised anxiety disorder and this is amplified when I find myself in a social situation that means interacting with other human beings. I can drive myself around no problem, but if there is no one to meet me at the other end of my journey then the struggling starts. Because of this I have rarely taken myself off anywhere for a chunk of the day and I'll admit it has held me back a few times.

Last week I received an email inviting me to the Kat Von D counter in the Highcross Leicester Debenhams and I saw this as not only a fantastic opportunity to find out more about a brand who have been on my list to check out for literally months, but a chance to push myself out of the comfort zone and do something completely alone. And I did it, I went along and met the lovely team down at the KVD Debenhams counter and they were super lovely, friendly and welcoming.

I ended up having pretty much a full face makeover which gave me plenty of opportunities to explore the brand as much as I could whilst I was there. The main reason KVD sparked my interest was due to them being cruelty free and also vegan, something which isn't very easy to come by in the makeup world. Tiny disclaimer before we head even further into the post, I'm aware Kat herself has been under fire recently for various bits and pieces but what goes on in her personal life is none of my business nor is it my place to judge someone on how they raise their children i.e. the vaccination drama. The brand seem dedicated towards running a 100% vegan line which is NOT tested on animals so that is what I will be focussing on. I did notice that there wasn't a mascara present within her collection and one of the MUA's explained that Kat removed the mascara from the range due to the formula not being vegan so there we go, an example of how they're trying to make a difference and make positive changes as a brand.

I had a fabulous eye makeover by Louise who used the Shade and Light palette to create a neutral yet glittery look and she used three different shades that I picked out, topped off with the awesome Tattoo Liner. Whilst we were at it I was matched for a foundation and took away a sample (as foundations can sometimes make my skin react and break out like crazy) and Louise was kind enough to freshen up my face with a light coverage of the foundation, finished off with some lovely contouring and highlighter. I was talked through every step and made to feel right at home during the whole process and Louise along with the rest of the girls at the counter were beyond lovely.

I had a mooch around the rest of the makeup after my little session to explore the range a little more and fell completely in love with the Alchemist Holographic Transformer which is a highlighter for your face, eyes and lips. It has a gorgeous unicorn vibe going on as the light catches in different areas of the pan causing all sorts of colours to pop out, it really is stunning so I treated myself to one of those and upon paying was surprised with one of the Kat Von D sample goodie bags which was so sweet of the MUA's and certainly left me feeling fabulous.

I bounced away with a bag of goodies to try, nipped to Starbucks for my Pumpkin Spice Latte fix (they now do a vegan option and I have the oat's delicious!) and then I took myself for a little wander around the Highcross before heading home. I felt SO good for the rest of the day that I had managed to achieve this small but huge task completely alone and it has filled me for confidence for next time. I don't think I'd have had such a relaxing day without the support from the girls at the Kat Von D counter so a massive thankyou to them once again for being so warm and welcoming! I've since been trying the sample products at home and can honestly say that come my birthday, I'll most likely be treating myself to a full bottle of the foundation because it sits so well on my skin and lasts all day without drying my face out or making me a spotty mess - something I struggle to find in a foundation usually!

Have you ever tried KVD makeup? What are your thoughts on the brand and do you have a favourite product?

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