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Let's talk sex. But before we talk sex let me divulge that my Nana is in fact a regular reader of my blog and talking sex for her and the rest of world to see felt a little odd to begin with. However after reminding myself that I wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for a bit of cheeky sex, all nerves and worry soon disappeared and since September is actually Sexual Health Awareness month, what better time to explore the world of sexual health a little more.

Now we've broken the ice, let's actually talk about sex. A lot of people really enjoy a bit of hanky panky, there's many different reasons why people take part because after all it's fun, exciting and let's not forget it's a FORM OF EXERCISE. Yes it is.

But with great whatsits comes great responsibility (no pun intended) and we all need to be looking after ourselves as well as looking out for the people we choose to get involved with. STD's aren't pretty, they're not comfortable nor are they funny. If left untreated, some can even leave you infertile. When you're young, free and...doing whatever the hell you want, I get it; sometimes you just loose yourself in the moment and don't actually give too much of a care about picking anything nasty up. It's not just one night stands either, if you're entering (sorry I did it again) a new relationship, are you asking your partners about their sexual health? As an act of respect for each other, I don't believe it should be such a taboo thing to ask. Should sex in general be such a taboo topic of conversation? You usually read about sex related topics in women's magazines but recently more and more average Joe's like me have been sharing their experiences online and I believe people are becoming more and more comfortable chatting away due to finding more relatable content, not just the celeb gossip or the little agony aunt sections in glossy magazines. So if this post helps just one of you feel a bit more comfortable talking about sexual health it's a winner!

Growing up I was part of a group of girls who were all 'more matured' than I was, at least at the time they thought they were. Looking back now I feel like it was the other way around; I was the one stopping in whilst they were out sneaking into clubs and stuffing their bras full of toilet paper. I was bullied for wearing a sports bra rather than a wired, padded, cleavage boosting thing at the age of 14, I was bullied again when I first wore a tiny bit of eyeshadow to school and this was all done by people who I thought were my friends. One of my worst memories was when two of the girls from the group went through my school bag and threw my sanitary towels across the classroom for a laugh. I was mortified as the boys looked at my pads in horror, I wanted the ground to just swallow me in one. The girls all self declared themselves no longer virgins by the age of 13 and I was left feeling crazy sick at the thought of ever becoming intimate with another human because I was always branded as 'frigid'. I always feared the day I found myself at the stage of becoming sexually active that when it eventually happened at 18 I felt an enormous big black cloud eventually leave from over the top of my head. And because I was ready and waited until I was comfortable, it wasn’t such a huge deal after all.

I grew up, met new people, made new friends and realised there wasn't anything so scary about sex after all, more the fear of the unknown. The same dreaded feeling was looming over me in the lead up to my first ever smear test and I was absolutely kacking my pants at the thought of dropping them in front of a total stranger. But it turns out, that too was a complete (literal) breeze and I would do it all again tomorrow if I needed to. The thing is, tests like this are for the greater good and whilst it feels awkward and intimidating, your health should always be the number one priority.

Having an STD test done I feel should be approached with the same attitude. You're choosing to take care of yourself - the circumstances in which you may have contracted an infection are none of my business and I'm not here to judge, however the fact you are making a move in the right direction to be safe and get yourself sorted out is a huge positive (fingers crossed not on paper!) and it could save you from a series of further, potentially permanent and life changing issues.

There are plenty of clinics over here in the UK but if you’re over the pond in the big USA like I know a lot of my readers are, there are in fact the team over at STDcheck who can carry out a quick 5 minute test for you, completely confidential and you’ll receive your results in 1-2 working days. Super speedy processing time I think is such a brilliant part of their service because if you are carrying anything it’s best to get it seen to ASAP so they can help you. They have a wide range of tests available and depending on what they're looking for, you could end up just peeing into a pot and job done.

But either way, choosing to be sexually active also means we should be taking our sexual health seriously too. Your reproductive organs are incredible pieces of kit as is the rest of your body, plus sex is bound to be so much more fun if you don't have the STD worry looming over you. And whilst we're here - there's no rush to loose your virginity. Did my 'friends' loose theirs at 13? Most likely not. Be safe and listen to yourself, if waiting feels like the right thing to do then please feel no shame in sticking by that.

Thanks for reading!

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