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It's been a while since I filled you in on all the new stuff for my small business, months in fact I want to say? A lot has been happening so I thought it was time for an update!

I recently launched a Kickstarter which ended last month and last week the funds were released to me so I have put an order in for four different enamel pins! This is a huge milestone for me because I never thought I'd be able to get them made but with the chipping in from you guys and everyone else who supports my work, we were able to scrape together enough funds via Kickstarter to get four different designs made. I'm super nervous for them but equally as excited! The backing cards for them arrived last week too so they're all coming together nicely. I even love the backing cards for my button pins too so I think I'll use them all round!

This year has been a big one for trying new things and expanding on my range, so I've been having a massive clear out of old stock and designs ready to make way for fresh new products. If you didn't know, I work from a teeny tiny room in my house which is my office and studio space so room for stock is very limited, so I've been selling off loads in my shop's sale!

With the help of my wonderful Patrons I was able to focus a lot on a brand new range of key rings and jewellery too. My Patrons have been a huge support in allowing me to expand a little and in return they get goodies each month in the post and exclusive behind the scenes content. It is also with their help that I am currently working on my first ever colouring book! I plan to release some of the pages to my Patrons as I design them, so they can print them off at home and colour them in if they feel like it before the actual physical book goes to print. Since Halloween is my favourite time of year and fast approaching, I've been building trick or treat themed boxes for my Patrons too as a huge thankyou for their support. I can't wait to send them out!

And to get into the festive spirit a little more since we've well and truly stepped into Autumn, I've released my new Halloween sticker set which I've been working hard on over the last couple of months! There are 9 different spooky stickers in the packs and they're really cute too! I've been moving away from plastic packaging but for the stickers I've been using biodegradable sleeves to keep to all together, clean and ready to use.

Overall I've been so happy with the progress of my little indie business over the last few months and I'm so excited for the enamel pins to arrive! My next goal is to replace my vlogging camera which sadly closed it's lens for the last time in June and I've been a bit stuck ever since trying to work without it, but hopefully I can save enough pennies and grab one during the Black Friday sale! Then before we know it the big festive season will be upon us and it'll be full steam ahead prepping and wrapping.

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