Huge Shop Update

I really didn't intend on abandoning my blog for nearly a whole month but these past few weeks I've been super busy with completing my enamel pin Kickstarter, bringing out lots of new products and giving my small business shop a good old refresh.

The pins started to arrive in drips and drabs a couple of weeks ago and this time last week I was taking the last of them off to the post office after a long weekend of checking, wrapping and packing each parcel for the lovely bunch who backed the Kickstarter! A huge thankyou once again to all of you who helped to bring these to life - I was super nervous since they were my first ever set of pins but I'm chuffed to bits with how they turned out!

Then I decided I wanted to update my button badge selection so I got 5 new designs of those in to get the ball rolling and I'm absolutely in love with them! They're a great alternative to enamel pins and I'm hoping to get lots more in during the new year.

And THEN I found some gorgeous recycled card online and decided to see what it would look like if I handmade some greeting cards again and I love them so much that I've been making lots of new different designs using my Inktober 2018 illustrations. Inktober is something else that has been keeping me super busy; for those who might not be familiar with it, it's an art challenge where you draw or create something every single day throughout the month of October and it's tiring me right out but also forcing me to produce lots of different work that I'm very pleased with!

I did get a fresh delivery of key ring samples which I also added to the shop and I'm seeing how they go before buying a bigger batch in. Thanks to my Patrons I also managed to buy in a stash of blank mugs to start refreshing the mug collection too but overall there have been so many new and wonderful things landing in my shop and I'm super happy with all of it! Now it's time to really get a move on with prep for some upcoming Christmas fairs!

Which is your favourite from the new range?

Thanks for reading!

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