The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review*

The world of cruelty free beauty can seem a little daunting at first, even more so when you start looking into whether products are also vegan. It's easy to assume something that is vegan is also cruelty free as some brands aren't crystal clear with their advertising *cough Garnier*. So when a brand like The Vegan Kind put together Beauty Boxes every couple of months and do most of the work for you in terms of finding new and exciting brands to try, it's all rather exciting! They kindly sent me their October Beauty Box which was also a collaboration with YouTuber Monami Frost who hand picked all of the products included. I can honestly say I was a little stunned at the value for money of this particular box so if you want to find out what was inside, stick around!

Unicorn Cosmetics Dragon Lashes - £9.99
These were the first things that really grabbed my attention when I first opened the box and they are the most glamorous false lashes by Unicorn Cosmetics, so full of volume with such a gorgeous shape to them. I mulled these over for quite some time as the packaging is just too pretty; it's shimmery and metallic in different lighting but since I can't remember the last time I wore lashes like this nor can I see an occasion any time soon, I have decided to keep these to one side to include in a giveaway over on my YT channel. I always like to pass things on to those who will use them and make the most out of them plus they're too beautiful to keep hidden away in my makeup drawer.

Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker - £8.00
Out of anything beauty related, hair stuff is what excites me the most and this was not a disappointing product in the slightest. I'm always a little skeptical of serums because some can leave your hair looking just plain greasy but this was wonderful and a little goes a very long way. I have quite a dry feel to my hair so when I style it, there's always some fly aways and my hair is also naturally curly and wavy (it does what it likes) and it isn't a nice kind of curl unless I style it. It looks frizzy in places before working on it so I thought I'd give this a go before I started any styling and instantly noticed my hair looked smoother and the curls looked like they were meant to be there, not just some crazy nest on the top of my head. I also used it after straightening my hair and it left it looking lush and sleek - really recommend this to any hair care lover!

Nabla Creme Eye Shadow | Utopia - £11.00
This shade is absolutely stunning and perfect for Autumn and I tried wearing it yesterday for a trip to the pumpkin patch, but I couldn't for the life of me work this stuff. It seemed very hard in the pot and I had a tough time trying to blend the stuff to the point where it was hurting my eyes trying to blend it out and I was worried I was doing more damage than good to my eye lids. I tried it on the back of my hand too and unfortunately it's not a product that I like. The pigment also isn't as punchy as it looks through the container, but based on your makeup preferences this could be good or a bad thing.

Natura Avocado Sheet Mask - £4.95
I love a good face mask, it's my favourite way to treat my skin and I'm trying to get into the habit of using one once a week or every 2 weeks to help get my skin into a better condition. Since I have already done a face mask this week I'll be saving this one and sharing my thoughts a little later on, but I have really high hopes for it and I actually love sheet masks as from previous experiences, they feel so much more nourishing rather than cleansing which is really what my face needs right now, with the colder weather giving it a beating!

Siskyn Lemon & Sea Buckthorn Night Oil - £38
As glorious and posh as this bottle of facial oil looked and smelt, my skin has been an absolute demon recently and I'm trying to get it under control by eating more raw foods, less sugar, less processed crap and more exercise and water. So I passed this little beauty onto my Mum who was beyond pleased to receive such a treat. It smelt divine though and I would have definitely have given it a go, if my skin wasn't going through the worst bout of acne I've ever had in my life. At £38 a bottle, this alone means you get your money's worth with the October Beauty Box!

MEMI Expert Liner - £10
Now the world of vegan liner is one that frustrates me a little. I used to be a huge lover of the Supercat Liner by Soap & Glory but after many attempts at trying to find whether they're 100% vegan and cruelty free, I gave up with it and have tried liners from other brands and they've been awful so the quest continues. I was actually really impressed with this one by MEMI, it's super jet black and glides on like a dream. The only thing I didn't like is it seems to almost dilute after the first stroke then you have to shake it to get a nice even black again. Luckily there is something like a ball inside the tube that makes shaking it very effective and I love the lovely pointy nib, it stays in place all day, easily removed with coconut oil.

So the deets on the box itself: the Beauty Box goes out once every 2 months and costs £15 plus £3.15 postage. The contents of this particular box came to a total value of over £80 which I think is bloody fantastic and there was an impressive range of products inside, which I feel other beauty subscription boxes have lacked from experience. There was something makeup, something pamper related, something for your hair; I personally feel like the range included was amazing and would happily go ahead and grab the next Beauty Box after this experience. Also included were some exclusive discount codes for some of the products so if you did find yourself really loving something, the generous codes were an extra treat. As a whole, this is 100% the best Beauty Box I've ever tried (and I've tried 2 other popular ones in the past that don't guarantee cruelty free or vegan products inside) and it would make a lovely one off treat or an ongoing subscription service for the beauty and pamper junkies.

Have you ever tried the The Vegan Kind Beauty Box before?
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*This Beauty Box was gifted to me to review by The Vegan Kind

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