The Vegan Kind Selection Box Review*

If you have a vegan in the family or if you have a plant based chum for that matter, I can imagine it might feel a little challenging at times when thinking of gift ideas. Look no further my friends because here I bring to you this year's Selection Box by The Vegan Kind. I'm a huge chocolate lover and this box, let me tell you, I wasn't sharing with anyone except the husband and even then I monitored his allowance.

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I love honeycomb (it's that delicious substance found in the centre of Crunchie bars) and every time someone sees me eating it they screach 'HASN'T THAT GOT HONEY IN IT?!'. No no, it's totally vegan friendly and when it's got a coating of chocolate it's even more yummy. This box alone would make a perfect little stocking filler or a cheeky prezzie for any other time of year. I loved it and my only disappointment was I ran out of the stuff! But I ate it all so, what can I expect? Definitely my fave from the entire box!

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This little demon was something that I was looking forward to from the moment I saw it as praline's were always my go to in big boxes of chocolates. James didn't seem too fussed, that is until he got his mouth around it. I cut it in half (he thinks it was half, I definitely had the bigger 'half') and his face completely lit up as prior to vegan life he was a huge fan of Ferrero Rocher and this is the ultimate dupe. The vegan gods have answered our prayers and landed this bar of complete and utter delight into our laps and it was one of the most incredible chocolates I've ever tasted, truly. I'll be getting more of these in for sure plus the brand have two other flavours to try! Rude not to.

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Taking a guess, I think after the praline these were James' favourite treat from the selection box. They are pretty much vegan Smarties, except they seem to have a subtle minty flavour to them which depending on your tastes, you may love or hate. But we loved them and not only are they a perfect little bag for sharing in front of a film, they'd be brilliant for decorating cakes and ice creams, not forgetting those little buttons on gingerbread men!

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This is one hell of a chunk of rocky road, the portion is an incredible slab and I sure as hell couldn't manage it alone. I 'halved' it again and it was delish, the orange kick worked surprisingly well and yes it's complete with marshmallows! If I were to be picky, I'd say it wasn't the best rocky road I've ever tried as I prefer a little more of a biscuit within the cake whereas this felt like pure stodge. Maybe I'm more of a Tiffin kinda girl but it didn't spoil the cake bar at all, it was really tasty just a little sickly so if I had one again I'd definitely quarter it.

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Another amazing little stocking filler and posh treat, these truffle bites are incredibly rich and full of flavour, so I found myself only needing one to feel like I'd had my chocolate fix. I'm not usually the biggest fan of peanut butter but these had just the right amount inside for them to be really enjoyable and I loved the saltiness, similar to that of salted caramel. Beautiful packaging too, amirite?

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These were cute, very different and tasty, but not my favourite. That didn't stop us from devouring a bag and they were still an incredible treat, it's just other bits from this box hit the spot more. I love Shreddies too or Malt Wheats if you're a buyer of the cheaper version of the famous cereals and these were exactly that, covered in a deliciously generous coating of salted caramel chocolate. Also the bag is beyond adorable.

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I believe I've had these little fudge cubes before so I saved these til last, but I enjoyed them so much and can't wait to get another bag in for Christmas time. They go great with a hot drink too and the fudge really does melt in the mouth and give a pleasant little salty kick.

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I loved all of these sweet treats like crazy but the only thing I will say, is it works out slightly cheaper to buy all of the bits separately on The Vegan Kind website than all together in the box. Granted there's a Christmas gift box as part of this package, the products come wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper and a sticker too so depending on your preference there, will determine how you decide to purchase. This size selection box costs £17.99 plus delivery, where as the products all came to £16.90 and you'd have to still pay delivery on top of that if you bought it all on it's own. You do get  a little candy cane included but they are cheap as chips so I didn't include that in the total pricing, but I highly doubt one candy cane costs £1.09.

Overall though, it's a great gift idea for the crazy vegan in your life and due to how the boxes are presented, you could just give it as it is without any wrapping. That's always a bonus, especially if you're wanting to cut down on your Christmas waste and watch your carbon footprint!

Have you tried any of these gems before?

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