Vegan Recipe Diaries #2

I've been testing out SO much food recently and completely falling in love with following recipes and giving new meals a whirl. Let's kickstart this next instalment of the vegan recipe diaries with something savoury and delicious.

James actually spotted these over on Ela's Instagram and it didn't take long for me to screenshot the recipe and fetch the ingredients. Most of it we had anyway, like flours and spices due to our collection expanding by the week pretty much whilst following all of these amazing recipes. Which is another plus about cooking from scratch; once you have a lot of the ingredients already in your cupboard they usually aren't too expensive to make. These bad boys were cheap as chips! I made ours a little too large and I blame the husband who has eyes bigger than his belly. These kind of spread out a little more whilst cooking too and because of their sheer size I found I couldn't crisp them up as much as I wanted but that didn't stop them from being insanely good. They were seriously tasty and James took 3 to work the next day. Yes you heard me correctly, 3 of these enormous potato cakes. We'll absolutely be making these again, thanks Ela!

Turns out I like a challenge. I also like cinnamon. A lot. So when I spotted an easy recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls you bet your ass I was on it quicker than well, something that likes cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls are notoriously tricky to master but this recipe is supposed to be a condensed down version and fool proof. I haven't any experience with making rolls to compare that too, however after making this recipe once I have definitely worked out a few things I can get better at next time. The sizing for example, what is it with me and making things too bloody large?! My first crack at cinnamon rolls were still delicious but I want to tidy up the presentation and also make a slightly more manageable dough next time; mine was too loose now looking back and rather sticky. This recipe however, good lord it was fun to follow and full of tips. I'll definitely be returning to it for another go!

Creamy Pasta Sauce - A tip from the Woolley household
Not a recipe as such, but as we were trying to choose a pasta sauce in Tesco the other night I had a sudden brainwave and I'm not even sure if people do this anyway but up until this week we didn't think to try it. If you like a creamier tomato based sauce with your pasta, try adding a dollop or two of the Oatly Creme Fraiche and WOW it makes the sauce taste sooooo much better! We usually use just a standard Tesco's own pasta sauce and it's yummy anyway but adding the creme fraiche adds a whole other level of taste. Not entirely sure how we ever coped without it!

Do you remember last week I was raving about my love for cookies? Well I went back to Holly's blog and found another cookie recipe to try. Ohhh my goodness. THIS. We actually had some left over white chocolate from Christmas in our pantry and it was left because I don't particularly like it but I thought I'd chuck it into some cookies and I'd never know. I also whacked in one small bar of Tesco's free from milk chocolate and had the best of both worlds and golly, these cookies are way too nice. The cookie dough recipe alone was crazy good (yes I always taste it first...yum!) and I'll be bookmarking this one as an all time favourite.

So that completes another round of all the new vegan recipes I've been trying lately and I've found so much love in cooking and spending time in my kitchen, I'm always looking out for new things to try. Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!

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