Feast Box: An Asian Food Subscription Box Review*

It really is no secret that we love trying new food in the Woolley household and more often than not we cook from scratch these days. Some of our favourite foods are Asian so imagine our excitement when Feast Box asked if we'd like to try out a couple of their recipes via their subscription box service, ooft.

I was really impressed to see that there are a few vegan options to choose from as well as non vegan over on their recipes page so of course we went for a couple of those and their website is super user friendly. You simply click 'get started' and choose the amount of people you're cooking for (2 or 4) then choose your meals! You can also simplify things by selecting either vegan or vegetarian, or choose the style of food you'd like such as Thai, Middle Eastern or Chinese. We went for the Red Thai Veg Curry and the Masala Dosa!

Upon arrival, all of the required ingredients came packaged up in the perfect sized box and inside, the fresh veg was packaged into paper bags whilst the spices and chutneys were grouped together into a reusable fabric drawstring pouch - I thought this was a really nice touch! The products which needed to be kept cold were in a recyclable plastic bag which was lined in reused cotton offcuts which could be reused again or binned 'guilt free' afterwards. I have to say, I was really impressed with this brands consideration for the environment which is always a bonus when trying a subscription service or buying food. Another perk of this box is how they prepare and send the garlic and ginger, already chopped and portioned, just frozen into little cubes ready to add to your cooking. I LOVED this because mincing garlic is my least favourite task when cooking!

Thai Red Veg Curry 
I made this dish first and it was also our favourite out of the two. Thai curries are one of the husbands favourite meals so he was all over this one, it was the easier one out of the two to make and I also completely appreciated how fresh the produce was and the high quality of the spices and other ingredients. A favourite which really stood out where the Thai aubergines which we've never seen before let alone tried - they were such a fabulous texture and really different to anything else. Each recipe also came printed onto a lovely thick card that is perfect for keeping with your other recipes and revisiting another time. This one we most definitely will!

Masala Dosa
I was really looking forward to this one and although it was fun to try and make, it's not a meal we'd revisit simply because we're more suited to meals like the Thai curry. That doesn't mean it wasn't super interesting and again totally different to anything we've ever tried before Indian food wise. I think our downfall was not having a frying pan big enough to make the dosa, since these are pretty much spongey pancakes which are a little tricky to get right on the first time. Getting them just right is apparently crucial to the true experience of eating a dosa. I tried my best but as you can probably see by my presentation, I don't think I've yet mastered them! They were very spongey and quite salty, so I couldn't even eat a whole one BUT if you're a big eater then these would be perfect for you since they're so filling. I can also imagine they're quite versatile in terms of adding whatever you want inside, as it's basically a bit of a spongey taco. It's a new kind of food I would absolutely recommend trying, I'm glad that we did!

Overall, my experience with Feast Box was nothing but positive. From a beautiful website that is easy to navigate, pleasant staff, incredibly fresh, high quality produce and ingredients, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for new meals from them to try. Not only that, but a meal subscription service feels like a nice treat, especially for those special occasions or even when you know you'll be having a busy evening and just want the convenience of having everything you need delivered and easy to create in your own kitchen. Their prices are very reasonable too which for the quality of the products and considerate plus practical packaging within your box, I was really very happy with. 

If you'd like to give Feast Box a go for yourself, you can grab 40% off your first order with ELLISJADE40.

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*This subscription box was gifted to me in exchange for a review on my blog

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