New Greeting Cards!

So a couple of weeks back I was trying to hand make another batch of greeting cards as I have done now for the last three years, when my printer quality started to throw a wobbly. I did all the cleaning and realigning of the cartridges as I usually do when my printer has an off day but nothing has solved the issue this time. My printer is less than a year old and whilst it still works for printing invoices and paperwork, I can no longer rely on it for greeting cards. In all honesty, I've been waiting for this moment for months now, the moment where I can finally move away from hand making each and every one and moving onto professionally printed cards instead.

This of course costs money to get cards made which is the main reason I have been avoiding it for so long and hand making them. It was more cost effective short term, but long term it's not and it was also extremely time consuming and took me away from creating new designs. So I chose three designs to get the ball rolling and here they are!

I have a brand new design which is the doughnut birthday card, an existing one of the Mad Hatter and then an oldie but goodie has returned, the Moon of My Life design! I'm super pleased with how they turned out and they're on a lovely thick matte card stock with pastel coloured envelopes each. 

I have also taken the #nakedcards pledge and will no longer be popping my greeting cards into cellophane bags. Instead they'll come in candy striped paper bags to help reduce plastic and save the environment. As a small business, we're doing everything we can to reduce waste and switch to cardboard boxes too for parcels.

If you fancy snapping yourself some cards up, they're live now in my online indie store!

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The Body Shop Bloggers Event - Highcross Leicester

Although I don't blog about beauty anywhere near as much as I used to, The Body Shop have a very special place in my heart and I'm always happy to get involved with them in anyway that I can. They have been a favourite brand of mine since I was little and with their commitment to banishing animal testing and also releasing more and more vegan friendly products, they are certainly a company I will continue to support. 

cruelty free, fight animal testing, cute rabbit, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

I was invited along to their very first bloggers night at the Highcross in Leicester and I went along with my fellow blogger buddy Abbey. When we arrived the staff introduced themselves and welcomed us into the store, there were already a couple of girls there who we got chatting to and whilst we were waiting for the others to arrive we had a mooch around the store for photo opportunities. There were 8 bloggers in total and once we were altogether, the staff explained what they had planned then split us into two groups of 4 so we could do the first demo, then swap. I was in a group with Abbey and I got to spend time with the lovely Sophie and Narzra as well!

Photo by OneUniqueBlog

cruelty free, fight animal testing, cruelty free makeup, the body shop makeup, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

We first went over to the makeup area where The Body Shop's Chloe was ready to show us the new makeup lines and also test anything we liked the look of. We all ended up having some stars stamped around our eyes using their incredibly popular eye liner and stamp pen (I majorly regret not snapping up one of these) and Chloe also gave Abbey a liquid lip application whilst Sophie had her eyeshadow done.

cruelty free, fight animal testing, body butter, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

cruelty free, fight animal testing, cruelty free beauty, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

Next we went over to the skincare counter where we were given special little strips to test the levels of oil within our skin. Everyone was different and these tests were used to indicate what sort of skin type you had. I thought I had combination skin but turns out I have more of a balanced type, which surprised me a lot because I can get so dry in places. We were able to test out some creams and talk to the staff about any skin care problems we might be facing. Again we were able to test out anything we liked the look of and ask any questions we may have had. 

cruelty free, fight animal testing, cute rabbit, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

cruelty free, fight animal testing, cute rabbit, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

Then finally we were joined by the other group and we all gathered around the skincare table to be told all about the new body yoghurts which are 100% vegan and definitely worth the hype. I've seen a lot of people showing off their tubs of the yoghurts recently and wondered whether they're any good and after trying each one and giving them the sniff test, they all smell amazing and the strawberry one in particular seems good enough to eat. They're also £8.50 so a lot cheaper than the body butters and they soak in within 15 seconds so if like me you don't like standing in the nude waiting for your butters to soak in, yoghurts may be something to try!

cruelty free, fight animal testing, body yoghurts, vegan beauty, the body shop, leicester, highcross, highcross leicester

After the demos we were able to wander around the shop for as long as we wanted and test out anything we hadn't yet managed to have a look at. I got myself a sample of the Japanese Camellia Cream to take home which has such a unique texture and smells absolutely divine! I also grabbed a bar of the Himalayan Charcoal Facial Soap which actually helps to protect the red panda's of the Himalayas with 30p from each sale being donated to the Red Panda Network. The bar's packaging also feels more papery than plastic so I'm hoping it's a lot more eco friendly too. I couldn't resist their bunny headbands either and since my current one has seen better days, I thought I'd better get a new one to help keep my hair out of my face when showering and applying makeup.

At the end of the evening we were given a little goodie bag full of products to try which included this adorable bandana that I obviously got Custard to model when I got home! A huge thankyou to The Body Shop for having us and being so generous with letting us try out all of their products and for taking the time to create such a wonderful evening for us all. It was so much fun and I can't wait to get stuck into my treats! Something that I found useful to know is that The Body Shop are updating their packaging to include vegan info so you're not left reading a huge list of ingredients. Not everything is updated, but their newer products have the information on the packets and they're always trying to do better and include more vegan options as well as fighting the animal testing.

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