Getting Fruity With Orbz!

Ah the word 'vegan'. You can easily make some folk run a mile or make them want to shake you about as if you've gone mad with your lifestyle choices. But imagine, turning up to a Christmas or New Years Eve party with a tub of these in your pocket. Or better yet, if you're hosting a party or simply visiting family over the festive season, popping these into some drinks would instantly make you the cool kid.

Let me introduce you to Orbz, the fruity balls brand who create deliciously flavour popping fun stuff to 'pimp up your cocktail'. I'm way too excited about these. If you've ever had bubble teas, you may be familiar with the similar little squishy balls that burst in your mouth and pop out some tasty fruit juice. They're super fun, come in a variety of fruity flavours AND they're gluten free and vegan. Not only can you swish them into your cocktails for a bit of fun, you can sprinkle some on top of puddings too for a dash of colour and something just that little bit different.

I went ahead and tried the apple Orbz and they were unbelievably tasty and fun to use. All I did was sprinkle some into some soda water for a bit of flavour (as I don't typically have alcohol or cocktail supplies in the house) and this was the perfect little treat. I really loved the apple flavour and I used a wider straw (a reusable one too!) so that every now and then I managed to get hold of an Orbz in my mouth and when they pop it's such a pleasant sensation.

The rest of the flavours I'll be saving to take with me to family's houses during the Christmas period so everyone can get to experience them! They are literally just pure sugar though which is why I don't want to keep them all for myself, but as a little treat for parties I think these things are great and fun for all of the family and friends. An interesting talking point and excellent way to demonstrate that vegan friendly food and drinks aren't exactly boring!

Have you tried Orbz before? Which flavour do you think you'd like the most?

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Wreath Making With Baker Ross

It's time for me to face the fact Christmas is on it's way - yes I am one of those people who will fight the urges for as long as possible before accepting that once again things are getting festive up and here and to just embrace it. One of my favourite ways to get into the spirit of things is to get my craft on and since last year I made a wreath for Halloween, it dawned on me that I have never made a Christmas one.

This fit in perfectly with Baker Ross asking me if I fancied getting stuck into a festive project this season and after mooching through their website at their arts and crafts supplies, I had my heart set on their 'Naturals' range. I was crazy impressed with the variety of materials available and they were kind enough to send over a crafty hamper of goodies so I could spend an afternoon wreath making with my little sister. I actually did my own wreath by myself for two reasons; the first being I wanted to have a design ready and available to help inspire an 8 year old with her own wreath and I also wanted to make sure the methods I had in mind would work! The second being I knew a glue gun would probably be needed at some point and being a responsible adult I wanted to be able to give my full attention to my sister when helping her to use it. Fun fact: it hurts SO BAD if you get melted glue on your fingers and I have already learnt the hard way!

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

The reason I chose supplies from the naturals range is really down to the fact that these days with live in such a plastic ridden world, that when it comes to arts and crafts I think it's a great way to get children and adults alike creating, but also being mindful of waste, using natural resources and also connecting to nature a whole lot more. I did choose some funky glitter balls and artifical snow berries as part of my gifted hamper, but since these wreaths are something I will be getting out year after year and getting plenty of use out of, my plastic police sirens lay low for those couple of products. What I did get though, was a selection of dried walnuts, acorns, pinecones, wooden buttons, twine, vine balls, stars, bark shapes, star anise and of course the ratten wreaths. I already had my glue gun and just a tiny disclaimer, I've had this gun and glue sticks for years and have no idea if the glue contains any animal derived ingredients, but for future restocks of the glue sticks I will be trying to source cruelty free versions.

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

I set myself up a little work station at my coffee table and top tip, use some sort of sheet of cardboard to rest your glue gun on to stop any dripping glue from damaging your work surfaces! I started by adding the larger pieces like the vine stars and pinecones first as it's much easier to then build around these pieces with the smaller bits after. Most of the time everything stuck to the rattan wreath with melted glue no problem and I used a little extra glue round the back of the wreath to reinforce some pieces like the walnuts which were quite heavy. I dug out some old strings and ribbons too from a box I keep full of scrap materials and they were perfect for this! I made some bows here and there and the variety of textures worked so well with the rest of the naturals range that by the end I was super pleased with what I'd managed to make!

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

Even after my sister has made her wreath (I suspect she'll use a fair few of the glitter balls!) I'm going to have so much left over from the supplies but I've already decided that the cinnamon sticks and vine stars in particular will be lovely to decorate Christmas presents with this year! The stars have space to tie some sort of festive twine through so you could tie them into your presents or even add them into your Christmas tree for something a bit different.

Baker Ross, DIY Christmas Wreath

Baker Ross are typically aimed at children and it was really lovely to hear over on Instagram that a few of my story viewers had often bought their craft supplies from them for their kids or even school supplies. There is still plenty to choose from if you're an adult crafter though and the naturals range is definitely my favourite! Although I don't have children of my own, my sister loves to create so getting her involved is going to be real good fun, plus any arts and crafts loving child would be incredibly happy with a craft hamper for Christmas - I know I certainly would be! Or if you're a parent or older sibling like I am, it's so lovely just getting kids to be creative and explore the world of crafts a little more. The brand have an enormous range of supplies and materials at very good value for money too; I personally was really amazed at how much was included for the price of each item and if you want to save a few more pennies, ELLIS20 will get you 20% off a £20 spend!

Have you ever made your own wreath before?

Thanks for reading!

*These arts and crafts supplies were gifted to me by Baker Ross in exchange for a review on my blog.

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