June Wishlist

I have found wishlists to be extremely helpful when it comes to curbing the urge to go on a big spending spree. After all, collecting pretty pictures and writing about them is quite fun and I've also found a huge love for making these mood boards. Here are a few beauties I've been lusting after this month!

1. Vegan Protein Shake - Cute Nutrition
I've wanted to try this shake for a while now and I'm just waiting to use up all of my current shake before I buy a tub, but one of the biggest reasons I'd like to give this a go is because Cute Nutrition have a vegan shake available as well as their regular ones. I'm not a vegan yet, but I'm trying to convert myself and trying to switch as much as I can food wise to animal free. It's a little more expensive than the standard shakes from Cute Nutrition but I'm willing to give it a go and will at some point, be grabbing myself a tub!

2. Unicorn Necklace - Paperchase
How pretty is this necklace? I spotted it on the Paperchase website and for obvious reasons, I'm now in love with it. The fact the pendant is made of porcelain makes it even more adorable...so cute and dainty!

3. Bath Bomb - Bomb Cosmetics
This little delight is just one of many products I'm dying to try from Bomb Cosmetics for many reasons. The main one being their bath bombs are so beautiful to look at and they're quite a big cheaper than bath bombs from Lush. The bombs are a tad smaller than ones from Lush but the stunning decorating more than makes up for it and I'm going to bear these guys in mind for Christmas prezzies too!

4. Wallet - Disaster Designs
It is rather unfortunate that the zip inside of my current purse has broken and it's the compartment that holds coins so it's not ideal that right now they just fly around all over the place. In typical female style though, I already have my eye on a new one and I'm waiting to treat myself. I have a bag from Disaster Designs which is one of my absolute favourites and their products never fail to make me smile. 

5. Tanning Lotion - Superdrug
I've heard a lot about this tan from other bloggers and have been thinking of trying it out for myself. The only reason I haven't bought any is because I already have two bottles of another brands gradual tan which I have made my mission to use up a long with a load of other products that have accumulated in my house over the past few years. If I haven't by the end of summer, then I really hope Superdrug are still selling this next year so I can finally test it out.

6. Leggings - Pink Soda
I'm a huge fan of Pink Soda after discovering their brand in Ireland last year. They sell it over here too in JD Sports store and I'd really like to get my hands on some more of their gear. I have found them to be very comfy and size I've started to exercise more, gym clothes are something I look around for quite a bit.

Thanks for reading!

Moo Moo & Bear - An Etsy Shop

I keep seeing dogs with neckerchiefs on at the moment and me being me thought...wouldn't my two look flippin' awesome with a little bandana each? I started wondering around the internet and decided I would try my damned hardest to support an Etsy shop for what I wanted and I came across Nadia's shop, Moo Moo & Bear.

These two beautiful little numbers have a matching print and were an absolute steal at £4.50 each which I think is amazing for handmade gifts. The quality is very impressive and Nadia's sewing skills have blown me away - it's all so neat! Nadia also makes dicky bows and collars for your fur babies which are just as cute and I'm dying to treat Vespa in particular to a dicky bow for the festive season.
Here are Custard and Vespa each modelling their new accessories and I think they look the dogs bollocks...no pun intended!

I'm not a huge fan of dogs in clothes but a little accessory around the collar like this I think looks very sweet and better yet, both my dogs seemed to think it was great! I did feel slightly anxious that they might try and get them off with it being a new strange object attached to them but surprisingly they were very comfortable with it and the small size was perfect for both of them. Postage was also very reasonable at £2.50 and I also believe that was signed for mail so my order was guaranteed to be delivered to me. There is a tiny wait because everything is made to order but I'm so impressed with Moo Moo & Bear that I'll most definitely be back for more doggy pressies at Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

St. Moriz Tan Review

I'm no stranger to pale girl problems and whilst sorting through a load of beauty products which I'm trying to use up, I found a couple of bottles of St. Moriz tan which I remember opening at least two years ago and not having the balls to actually go through with using. I rarely bare my skin no matter how hot it is outside and therefore it's a vicious cycle; no skin showing = no tan attempted and because of my lack of confidence, I'd rather swelter in the heat than expose any part of my body.

This year, I thought a big firm 'sod that' and cracked these bottles open again with no shits given. I've been working out and had a burst of confidence so I thought I'd give it a go. One of them is an instant tan and the other a build up, but I used an old sock to apply them as I didn't have a proper tanning mitt and it worked just as well. Over the June 17th/18th weekend, the UK had a brilliant heat wave and whilst I normally take refuge in a cool, dark place like some kind of salamander, but I got myself in the shower, body scrubbed, moisturised, let that sink in and then I set to work applying some instant fake tan. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about turning out a disgusting orangey tango-d mess and I'd be lying even more if I said I wasn't worried that the St. Moriz statement about the tan washing straight off if you make a mistake was a huge fib...

So I applied it, all over my legs, arms and a bit around my neck and shoulders where my skin was on show. I was delighted. No streaks, no awful colour, just a lovely soft bronze now covering my once transparent skin. I felt pretty damn chuffed with myself and looked dare I say it, healthier. I went about my day as usual and even lay in the sun for 15 minutes which in Ellis land NEVER happens and I semi enjoyed it. I usually have a shower at night but this time, I purposefully wanted to sleep in the tan to see if it would transfer to the sheets. Let's establish our surroundings - it was the sticky kind of hot that night, the kind where you feel as though you're dripping and all you're doing is lying there. Again, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about ruining my lovely white sheets...

The next morning, not a stain in sight and I got back into the shower to see how well it would rinse off. I didn't even need any soap...as soon as the water hit my skin I noticed it started turning brown and within 2 minutes I'd got it all off. I washed with soap afterwards of course, but purely for experimental reasons I wanted to see how well this stuff came off on it's own. Once I'd buffed my skin and moisturised again, I applied more fake tan and this time got James to do the top half of my back so I could wear a strapless dress - something I've never had the confidence to wear since buying this lovely thing a couple of years ago. I felt fabulous and again, I didn't need to worry about the tan transferring to my clothes and that night it washed straight off again. Another huge bonus is the instant tan doesn't have that horrible biscuit scent to it like a lot of tans do so I was really quite impressed with the whole process.

I repeated everything else for the gradual tan the week prior to this and although I still like it, I much prefer the instant tan. I found the gradual one a bit streaky and orange in places, strange considering I applied it in exactly the same way using the same technique. This one also had a bit of a funky smell a few hours after applying but the product itself when you first sniff it is rather pleasant. I have the instant tan in the 'Medium Matte' shade and I found it to be perfect for me.

One thing I will mention is I'm not sure whether St. Moriz test on animals or not - I have done some research and can't seem to find a a definite answer, although I have spotted this brand on some vegan websites who have stated they don't and equally on others that say they do. Either way, I bought these products over two years ago when I wasn't as mindful as I am now, so as much as I loved this instant tan, I won't be repurchasing unless I find out for definite they're a cruelty free brand. I have tweeted them directly for an answer but still await a response. I also loved the fact I didn't need to sacrifice my health in order to achieve a bit of a tan and I'll also add this in here - don't forget your sun cream in this ridiculous heat!

Thanks for reading and if you have any cruelty free tan recommendations please feel free to throw them my way!

Money Saving Tips

Since I left my 'real' job last month, I have been looking into ways of saving money and I've found it can encourage you to get a bit more creative with your ways of living. At first I thought, do I really want to be sharing money saving tips on my blog? But then I thought some may find it valuable and also, we work hard for the money we earn do we not? So why not save a few pennies for those well earned treats.

Halving Makeup Wipes
I use baby wipes to mop up the areas around my eyes when I wake up. No matter how much I try, after washing my makeup off the night before I always wake up in the morning with a bit of panda eye going on. I literally tear my baby wipes in half…no need to get the scissors out and they therefore last so much longer. I find baby wipes to be much gentler on my skin and you get double the amount in a pack than you would 'proper' makeup wipes.

The One Teabag Between Two
This sounds totally gross but I assure you it's not. I've taken to using one teabag for making two cups of tea. I wouldn't do this for anymore than two mugs full because I don't think you'd get a decent drink out of it, but for two mugs why not? I have a nifty little tool that I got with some tea for Christmas that means you can pick the teabag out of the mug and pop it into another mug straight after. I only do this when I'm making James & I a hot drink…I wouldn't save my teabags for later as I think this is a little bit minging but using one bag at the same time means your teabags go further and you don't have to buy them as often.

Stocking Up
I'm not gonna lie, I love Superdrug. It's my go to place for literally everything cosmetic and I find they have cheaper products plus their own range is cruelty free. Online, Superdrug always have loads more deals in their 'Star Buys' section and the other day I grabbed four bottles of hand soap for 50p each…bloody bargain! I'd recommend always checking out this section of Superdrug which is usually on the sites homepage, as you never know what treats they might have to offer at a fraction of the usual price.

Switch to Lidl or Aldi
In the Woolley household, we're massive lovers of Lidl and we're lucky enough to have one in our town. Better yet, they're currently building an Aldi too which we can't wait to explore and see what they have to offer. Some people are quite snobby when it comes to supermarkets but seriously, get down to either of these and I promise you'll find some amazing products. You can get things like soya milk for better than half the price of what you'd pay somewhere else and things like cheese, freezer food, toilet roll, crisps a bit cheaper than what you'd usually pay. It depends what it is you're buying, but we've noticed a significant saving since getting most of our shop from Lidl. It lacks in some veggie friendly products like sausages and bacon but we just nip elsewhere on our way home for the last few bits.

Solar Powered Lights & Candles
This one is best during the winter when you need lights on during the day, but we picked up some gorgeous indoor lantern style lights from Sainsbury's which come on in the evening for a good hour or two which gives us enough light. We're also massive fans of candles in our house and these certainly create a better atmosphere than switching on the electricity. Places like Wilkos and Ikea do really cheap candles and little tea lights so get creative and make a wonderful, cosy space to relax in. 

Get On Depop!
I feel like I was late to this party and have only recently been quite active on Depop, but since leaving my job I've been a lot more aware of when I'm buying things for the sake of it; stuff I don't need or will ever use. For example, I went to the Harry Potter studios a couple of years ago and bought a Pigmypuff because I didn't fancy anything else. True story. Said Pigmypuff has been sat in a drawer ever since, still with the tags on so he has gone onto Depop in the search of a new loving home. Sometimes we have things accumulate in our houses and it just becomes 'there'. Dedicate an afternoon to collecting stuff together, assessing whether they could make you some extra pennies and if not, charity shop. It's very healthy to have a clear out and if you can make a bit of money from it then that's even better.

What are your top money saving tip?

Thanks for reading,

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